Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gumner General Jean

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I see there's a bigass showdown loomin' in Canadee all 'bout this here Michaelle Jean who Fartin' Martin picked fer the next gumner general t' take over from ol' General Clarkson. The rotten bastard BlocHead separatists in Q-beck is sayin' Mme. Jean is one o' their own - or at least she was one o' their own an' mebbe she's still a separatist an' mebbe she ain't.

I ain't been able t' work up much steam over this here gumner general shitstorm. I'm against the whole idee o' havin' a representative o' Queen Liz o' Merrie Olde Englande sittin' on a throne here in Canadee. Crimony sakes, ain't we pergressed past the point where we think we oughta bow an' scrape before sum dang bluebloods?

The Queen an' her brood o' inbred younguns oughta be content rulin' the roost over in LimeyLand an' leave Canadee fer Canajuns. We don't need any bonnie princes an' leotard-wearin' lords an' ladies an' dandy dukes lookin' down their snootytoot noses at regular red-blooded Canajuns.

I ain't sure whether or not Michaelle Jean's suited fer the job o' rulin' over Canajuns as the righthand arm o' the Queen o' Canadee. What I am sure 'bout is that the idee o' royalty an' bluebloods is sumpin' we should left off with a hunnert years ago.

I reckon Canajuns oughta have sumbuddy in their corner boostin' up the arts an' culture an' all like ol' General Adrienne's been doin'. I jest don't reckon that oughta have nuthin' t' do with bluebloods an' us bein' subjects o' the Queen o' Merrie Olde Englande. We could have us sum sorta cultural ambassador without the danged ol' queen gettin' in on the act.

One thing I will say is it looks like ol' Fartin' Martin might not o' done his homework when he picked out this here Q-beck gal fer gumner general. I'd o' thought they'd know all this stuff ahead o' time an' then mebbe they'd pick sumbuddy like David Suzuki or Wayne Gretzky or Alex Trebec or William Shatner or Jann Arden or Anne Murray or my dog Spot. I will say ol' Michaelle's better lookin' than any o' them... 'cept fer Spot.

Yores trooly,


Zorpheous said...

The GG should have better qualifications than old Jean is bring to the table. And her questionable past should be more than enough to make Fart'n Martin to pull the plug here and do the right thing.

What surprises me is that many of the Alberta Seperatist are taking runs at her too. Gee you'd think they'd like the idea of a seperatist at the head of Canada, oh that's right, She's french, from the CBC, a Liberal or a BQ Seperatist, and not a Right/wing Western Seperatist. My bad.

Personally this is much to do about nothing. Still I think she better than having some old ugly fart for GG, she's at least cute ;-)

Like your Spot post better ;-)

canukistan said...

The only acceptable person for the position of Lie-beral General would have been Ted Byfield. Though I would have been ok with Ezra Levant.

Zorpheous said...

Ezra would have made an excellent choice for GG, after all who needs some dual commie-citizen, from Quebec and employeed by the Communist Broadcast Corp of Canistan, when there there was perfectly true and loyal Right-wing (aka mentally sound) Conservative (aka morally sound) Albertian (ethically sound) Seperatists (politically sound) who has one citizenship and speaks true Canadian (lingually sound) like Ezra.

Shit with him in charge, we could start locking up those whiny Indians and building aircraftcarriers and building those super-runways to Europe (so we can invade)

Shit Ezra for PM and future Dictator (heck why change a horse when you have perfection, right?)

Ms Pacman said...

William Shatner or Anne Murray??? *shudder*

Liam said...

I couldn't agree more JimBobby. Forget whether Jean is "qualified" for the job. It's all smoke and mirrors for the larger problem that is we are all still subjects of the House of Windsor.

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