Thursday, May 24, 2007

Harper Takes Page from GWB's Book to Take Eyes Off CPC Book

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I'm confuddled as a cow knee-deep in spring thaw. Last week on Thursday or Friday, the National Post had a bigass exposé where Don Martin got ahold o' this here Conservative dirty tricks book. The HarpoonTossers wrote a book on how to thwart the will of the elected representatives who represent the majority of Canajuns.

When somebuddy wants a definition of democracy for dummies, I reckon the simplest thing is -- majority rule in a one person, one vote state. When King Steve has a book tellin' all his committee chairs how to make sure the majority doesn't rule and how to negate the votes of Canajuns, I say he's workin' against democracy.

When I seen the story last week, I was almost a hunnert percent's worth sure that the dirty tricks book would be the only thing anybuddy'd be on about this week. Guess what. It ain't hardly on the radar.

Where is it? Why don't anybuddy wanna talk about it?

I reckon the Grits got a similar skeleton an' that explains them leavin' the Cons alone on the biggest dirt they could ever hope for. Why else would they give it the kid gloves treatment?

But why oh why ain't the Dippers jumpin' all over the dirty tricks book? Could they have their own version?

What about the rotten separatist BlocHeads? Why ain't they screamin' bloody murder about the exposé?

Harpoon sure as hell done hisself a whole world o' good with his secret support the troops diversionary tactic photo-op trip. Now, instead o' talkin' about the book, the pundidiots is all talkin' about the trip. A transparently Dubya-style PR trip ain't half as bad as what that book sez about the HarpoonTossers' contempt fer Canajuns.

Harper changed the subject.

Looks like our bigass MSM fell for it, too.



Anonymous said...

Well at least the Cons. havent "cleansed" the federal civil service of unilingual anglophones like the Lieberals did.
I wonder if the Lieberal party has repaid all that money received through ADSCAM. If so, will certainly hurt their "entitlement fund." Any one for Beer & popcorn?

JimBobby said...

You ain't as good at changin' the subject as yer bossman.

Except fer dumbasses an' illiterates, anybuddy can tell that my boog subject is the CPC dirty tricks book and the CPoC working against democracy.

I had other boog stories about the AdScammers back when the Grits was callin' the shots. That's old news. They been gone fer ages an' now it's the Con's who need to answer fer what they do or don't do.

Among my people we have a word to express this unusual concept. We call it "accountability."


Anonymous said...

heh heh, i see 'anonymous' , who appeared as CPP posted the same thing here.

yes, a good diversion on steve's off to give karzhi a baby gift. oh pardon me, to support the troops!

here's a link for the truest form of democracy

based on nature (where the only truth is found), so this is all about circle (consensus) . there's many who have borrowed from it, but that's the problem, just taking bits and pieces doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Oh gee, another right wing conspiracy. Oh well, back to my beer & popcorn.
"We didnt get it done" words to live by for this week.

Anonymous said...

JimBobby said "Harper changed the subject. Looks like our bigass MSM fell for it, too." Good point.

Harper .. moving right along- from the dirty tricks book to the transparently Dubya-style PR trip in one short week. MSM should be in overdrive to keep up with all these gotta get me a majority moves.

scout said "heh heh, i see 'anonymous' , who appeared as CPP posted the same thing here." (I noticed that as well, what the heck?)

Anonymous said...

I think that it's not bigger news because people expect their politicians, whatever the colour of their ties, to [a] be corrupt and [b] play dirty - that is what the electorate has been conditioned to expect for generations... and it is rarely disappointed.

Indeed, the electorate is told all to often that it is their fault for putting them there in the first place.

It is why I refuse to vote, none of them are worth a dirty black mark on the ballot IMO.

Anonymous said...

After reading some of your comments, you really are the dumb hick you seem to pretend to be. Just how much mercury was in the milk your mother gave you?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jimbobby. I find your arrangement of words interesting, trying to sound like we do down here. I commend you for your attempts. I have trouble reading your blog, and I listen to people talk similarly to that all day long, including myself to a certain degree. I live in Louisiana, you see.

I found you through a Canadian friend of mine who hates Harper as much as you do, and seeing the things he's done I can't say that I blame you or him. I'm generally a conservative myself, but I call things as I see it pretty much as you do. I'm a conservative based upon my beliefs (so you probably hate me already), but I'm not a big fan of President Bush.

I personally find Harper's trip to Afghanistan rather idiotic, but I don't see why it would be classified as a "Dubya PR" trip. Perhaps you can lead me to your thoughts on the matter, but the President is the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military and is generally expected to make trips to wherever the military has a presence at to speak with them and the people we are supporting (for the lack of a better word).

His trips are generally unannounced for security reasons (Lincoln had an attempted assassination before the one that finally got him on his way to a veterans hospital; his day-to-day activities were announced in the D.C. newspaper) so as a result the media is all over it "like a hobo on a hot pocket" (perhaps you can use that hick phrase in your later writings). It doesn't help his PR at all generally. It's just his job. It's boosted Presidential PR in the past, specifically Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech and Reagan's "Tear down this wall" speech although those were more for the local people than for the troops although both visited the troops during their visits in West Germany.

Harper, on the other hand, isn't the Commander-in-Chief and really has no business making trips of the sort. I'd wager that'd be a job for y'all's head-of-military if any at all.