Friday, May 11, 2007

Poll: Canadians Losing Confidence in Cons

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I got another 3-R boog story today. I'm Reducin' my typewritin' workload by Re-usin' a comment I posted over to Far an' Wide in a Recycled version.

The topic was the latest publick 'pinion polls an' how bad the Cons is doin'. The polls point at Afghanistan and the Con green plan as the bigass troublems fer the HarpoonTossers.

Afstan's their big troublem right now, fer sure. I figger lotsa Canajuns is confuddled about green stuff but they ain't got any doubts about human decency issues like torture and the Geneva Conventions. Fer the most part, there ain't any vested interests in the torture industry who's denyin' the validity of the Geneva Conventions.

The climate change skeptics have done their best to obfuscate and confuddle the public. Seeds of doubt were planted by Harper himself (he was against green action before he was for it) and other big oil spokespersons and astroturf pseudo-science front organizations. When people ain't sure what to think, I reckon they're more willin' to give the gummint the benefit of the doubt.

The Cons got the reins on a wave of anti-Liberal sentiment based on AdScam corruption and a (rightly) percieved Liberal attitude of entitlement. Transparency and accountability were lacking and the new guys would be fixin' that pronto.

Now, people who pay attention can see the Cons doin' the selfsame things and doin' their dangedest to be non-transparent and unaccountable. A lot o' people don't pay much attention, though, and they're still dwellin' on the past sins of the Grits. Almost like they're gettin' reminded everyday of "13 years of blah, blah, blah..."

Trouble fer the Grits: glass house syndrome. The Cons is buryin' themselves in their own hypocrisy. Grits'd be smart to let the Dips an' Greens point out that hypocrisy lest they look hypocritical, themselves.

The biggest problem with Afstan ain't the detainee issue. That's part of it but the big problem is the failure of the mission. Now that the Afghan parliament wants NATO to quit with the seek and destroy tactics, we really need to reassess our role. Grits can point out how the original humanitarian nation-building mission has become a series of offensive actions and even the people we're supposedly fighting for are not happy about the direction we've taken since Harper took charge.

I like non-PC boxing metaphors. I'm a dinosaur that way. The Cons is on the ropes. All the jabs and body blows with O'Connor, Oda, Rona, Baird, etc. are takin' their toll. The Grits don't have the muscle fer the knockout punch, though, and the Cons ain't throwin' in the towel. There's a few more rounds to go before an election and right now, the Cons is losin' on points.


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susansmith said...

Good anology Jimbobb - those who live in glass houses... stones! Quite true, about the cons not being accountable and transparent, but when the libs, yell, not fair, the Cons thumb their noses, and say you did it, so go away. It will have to be the NDP who goes to the mat here.
Same with Afghanistan. "Diplomatic Jack" will be bringing up that diplomacy strategy, now that Afghan parliament finally had enough of civilian killing.