Sunday, May 06, 2007

Canadians to Cons: "You'll get the keys when you prove you can drive."

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I was just over to Red Tory's boog. Red's got one o' the best boogs in Canada, sez I. He gets some o' the best yammerin' gabfests goin' on in his comments department. Today, Red posted up a boog story on the latest publick 'pinion polls an' how the HarpoonTossers been stuck at pretty much the same place since they come in.

I left me a comment over there to Red's boog an' I'm reducing my boogin' workload by re-usin' that comment here on my boog in a recycled version.

I figger we're treatin' the Cons like adolescents. We still ain't sure if we should trust 'em with the keys to the family chugmobile. We're lettin' 'em drive but we ain't lettin' do it without some backseat drivin' from the opposition. If the Cons could convince Canajuns they got the right stuff an' they're haffway qualified to steer, they'd probbly get a majority an' the keys to Canada.

The way they been lurchin' an' swervin' on AfghanaStreet ain't instillin' any confidence.

They ain't helpin' themselves with all the stallin' an' stop-startin' an' wrong turns they been takin' on GreenStreet, neither.

I reckon they oughta start listenin' to the backseat drivers. They sure need advice on how to keep 'er in gear.


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