Monday, May 07, 2007

Stop Canada's New Government from Calling Itself Canada's New Government

Whooee! Well there's plenty of discouragin' stuff in the news and on the boogs this mornin'.

The HarpoonTossers been doin' polytickle 'pinion pollin' an' they ain't tellin' what they polled about even though it's the law an' they spent a $100,000+ on the poll. How many other polls have they been doin'?

It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so dang hypocritical. The Cons is all up on their hindlegs huffin' an' puffin' about the Grits 'pinion polls when they was callin' the shots.

An' they been doin' more untendered buyin' fer the army. They just spent $8.8 million on some new armoured vehicles that'll help keep our army guys from gettin' their asses blowed off while they're fightin' the good fight fer Taliban Hamid an' his opium-financed warlord regime. Now, there's a cause worth ruinin' Canada's international reputation for. There's a bunch worth trustin' to treat prisoners humanely.

When I started this boogin' rant, I was mainly gonna write all about this funny petition I seen over to Cerberus's fine boog. The petition is fer gettin' the HarpoonTossers to leave off callin' 'emselves "Canada's New Government." That ain't the funny part. The funny part is when the petition sez they hafta start callin' 'emselves "Canada's Newish Government."

Here's a link to the petition.

Last week, there was a petition presented to the House o' Comments wantin' Bigfoot on the endangered species list. Maybe this petition'll make it to the House. It'd be good to see if the HarpoonTossers can laff at themselves. I ain't seen much self-deprication in polyticks so I ain't holdin' my breath.


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