Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thankless Task: PB Moderation

Whooee! Well, like some other Pergressive Boogers, I was gonna keep my yap shut on the dust-up goin' on with the moderators all fightin' an' boogers takin' sides an' nasty infightin' happenin' among the self-described lefty pundidiots. It's gettin' almost as bad as the House o' Comments. I was gonna clam up but I can't stop myself from yammerin' -- at least a little bit.

Mostly, the PB fracas is between ol' Scotty Tribe an' Polly Jones (aka Joanne, I guess). I known Scott fer quite a spell an' I count him as a friend. I ain't known Polly so long but we commented back an' forth on some feminist issues an' I reckon I see mostly eye-to-eye with Polly. She's always been civilized an' thoughtful an' polite. I like Polly.

What ain't been said enough in all the boog stories an' comments is how moderatin' is a thankless task. Nobuddy's makin' any money or gettin' much benefit by bein' in the PB modsquad. Scott's worked hard fer the pergressive boogin' community. He's a volunteer, ferchrissakes, so I reckon he oughta get some thanks along with any criticism. I ain't seein' much o' that.

Polly's apparently quit her modsquad job an' that's her prerogative. It's a volunteer job. There ain't any contract. If somebuddy finds the volunteer work they do to be unrewarding or stressful, they got every right to quit an' the rest of us owe 'em a big thanks fer the volunteer work they done.

I'd like to see Scott an' Polly shake hands an' bury the hatchet. I reckon that'd mean some crow-eatin' fer each of 'em. I'm pretty sure they'd feel better afterwards but I reckon that's between them 2. If they was to get together fer a coffee or get on the phone fer a good long gabfest, I betcha they'd both be happier. But, o' course, that's their bizness an' not mine. If it was my bizness, I'd make sure each of 'em did the Political Compass test before they get together.

We're dang lucky we got a few good Canajuns who take time to volunteer an' lend what help they can to the left side o' the Canajun boogeysphere. I figger us PB members all benefit from gettin' our boogs out in front of more readers thanks to Pergressive Boogers. ProgBlogs wouldn't exist without the volunteers who started it and continue to make it run.

Now, I'm talkin' to these folks -

Wayne Chu
Scott Tribe
John Baglow
Joanne Costello
Jasmine Johansson
Devon Rowcliffe
Kyle Selmes

Thankee kindly fer all the work you folks put in.

Yores trooly,


Erik said...

"Scott's worked hard fer the pergressive boogin' community. He's a volunteer, ferchrissakes, so I reckon he oughta get some thanks along with any criticism. I ain't seein' much o' that."

I agree. Thanks, everyone at PB for making to making PB possible. And in the case PB needs a new moderator (or webspace), I'll be willing to put some time into it. Just contact me through email.


catnip said...

The "modsquad". lol. Thank you.

Oxford County Liberals said...

You're calling for my resignation a day or 2 ago.. and now you offer to help with the website and to be a moderator?

I'm going to start calling you "Werner Patels lite" if you keep it up.

Steve V said...

Well said JB.

Erik said...

Scott, am I too cryptic when I say that A doesn't necessarily outrule B?

We've had our differences of opinion before, but I had no trouble offering PB space (which you declined graciously through facebook)) after that as well.

And sure, if you would like to call me Werner Spatels Lite, be guest: Can I keep calling you a liar then?

Erik said...

"Scott, am I too cryptic when I say that A doesn't necessarily outrule B?"

Or does it?

Oxford County Liberals said...

I didn't lie Erik. Wayne Chu was the head Admin at the time and gave me permission to do what I did and told me I had done the right thing. If you don't believe me, I'm sure I can dig Wayne up from his studies to tell you exactly that, if you insist on continuing to talk about things you don't know of what you speak.

Erik said...

I'm getting sick of this, Scott. But I will tell the story once more :

1. I wrote this post
2. You wrote this message
3. My post was removed from PB
4. I posted this post, which did stay on PB
5. I figured PB had removed the post from PB, because of the title (hence 2).

I'm of the opinion that someone at PB should have informed me of the removal; it never happened.

But Scott got a different "story" which is a flat-out lie:

By the way Erik.. regarding the purge of your questionable post. I did not remove it unilaterally. I certainly informed you of it, but I brought it to Wayne’s attention, and he agreed it was an offensive and questionable and should be removed.

Now keep telling you did inform me of the removal (phone, email, blog comment?), without backing that up with evidence ; everyone will automatically believe you, Scott, simply because I'm at the bottom and you're at the top, right?

Over the last few days several Libs have resorted to bullying me instead of arguing; you went one step further. Over the top.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Well Erik... if you're getting sick of it.. maybe you'll stop posting your nonsense. You're right.. the title was deemed "incendiary" as I put it. It was brought to Wayne's attention, and he agreed we should remove it. As you say, we allowed your subsequent post to come on because the title was deemed fine.

The fact of the matter is, Erik.. the post and its title wouldn't have been removed by me without Wayne giving it the ok. As for the lack of communication, I'd say complain to Wayne about it.. but he isn't the Administrator anymore. We did what we felt was the right thing at the time.

Erik said...

"maybe you'll stop posting your nonsense."

Poor old Scott, revokes to bullying again when he can't win an argument.

Show me one (sic) part of my comment that's nonsense. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks JB for the kind words and thoughts.