Thursday, July 28, 2005

AlienAlberts Trash Talkin' Canada

Whooee! Well, friends, everybuddy knows ol' JimBobby is a lazyass when it comes t' typewritin'. I jest posted up a comment over t' BoogsCanadee an' now I'm copyin' most o' that there comment here on my own little boog. This here WSAMmy feller wrote up a boog story all 'bout the New York Times feller, Paul Krugman, who sez the Merkins lost out t' us Canajuns on this here new Toyotee plant deal on accounta we got publick healthcare an' we're better educated.

A coupla numbnutses over there at the Egroup sez it ain't no big deal an' one of 'em sed they thought Canajuns oughtn't make fun o' the pore illiterate black folks who make up a big part o' 'Bama's workin' force. I don't reckon wSammy was makin' fun. Neither was Krugman. The two fellers who sounded like they don't like us fellers in Ontariariario so much as they like the Merkins was a coupla AlienAlberts name o' Anonologue an' TorieRuffnek. They're a coupla dumbasses, sez I.

Here's most o' what I sed over there ---

I sure din't see wSammy makin' fun o' the pore illiterate 'BamaBoys. Anonologue sounds like he's sayin' black folks ain't as smart as white folks. Is that what yer thinkin', AnonnyFeller? Was it racism that drove Toyotee t' Canadee?

I reckon mebbe I'm the onliest one yappin' here who's even been t' Alabama. The way sum o' these idjits talk, you'd think they was talkin' 'bout Biafra or Bangladesh instead o' 'Bama.

The big boys in Detroit sed a few times they like operatin' in Canadee on accounta the publick healthcare. Providin' insurance fer factory fellers an' gals is a bigass expense in Merka but not in Canadee. When the 'Bama boys offered a heap more dough fer Toyotee t' set up shop there instead o' here, that din't offset the high cost o' insurance.

If the pore blacks in 'Bama is illiterate an' ignorant, who do you reckon is t' blame? The segregationist right-wing crackers who ran the Merkin southland fer a coupla centuries, that's who. They pushed their black folks inta poverty an' illiteracy an' now they're payin' the price fer a few hunnert years o' racism.

I been t' Alabam a coupla times. I talked t' sum 'Bama boys. I stayed in their hotels an' ate at their restaurants. It ain't the third world, you numbnutses. It's part o' the Benighted States o' Merka, richest an' most powerful country in the whole ding-dong world.

Canajuns pay more taxes than 'Bamans. Fer doin' that, we get us a decent education an' publick healthcare. We also get sum factories built here instead o' there. The Canajun investment inta education an' healthcare paid off an' tryin' t' say it was a tiny victory sounds like yer wishin' it was yer Merkin buddies who got jobs instead o' yer Ontariariarian naybers an' feller countrymen.

Who you rootin' fer, Anon. an' Torie, the Merkins or the Canajuns? Sounds t' me like yer backin' up the Merkins an' runnin' down our great home an' native land.

When yer runnin' down my country boys, yer walkin' on the fightin' side o' me.

If you Alien Alberts wanna quit Canadee, get busy buildin' up yer stoopid-ass Alberta Separatist Party an' try holdin' a dumbass referendum an' see how far you get. Not far, I betcha. Most Canajuns is proud an' happy t' be Canajuns. Most Canajuns is glad when they see a bigass ferrin outfit like Toyotee investin' in Canadee an' buildin' a plant where 1500 Canajuns is gonna get good jobs. Why ain't you?

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...


Poor Anonalogue real is just a dip stick. His Blog has failed and he has resported to the Richard Evans method of getting attention these days. He runs out and trolls other boards. You should have seen him yesterday over at Section 15. He managed to piss Mark off to the point that Mark has now banned his IP's from Section 15, that is a first for Mark.

The guy is consumate liar and bs artist. He lacks completely in intellectual credibility and honesty, and that is being polite about him. Funny thing is he is from Ontario, but I guess he'd rather see Canada and Ontario fail while there are Liberals in power. Sad really.

Don't cut that dope any slack, you wack him good with a 2 by 4 for me next time you see him, personally I'd use a clue by four on him, but it may take a lot of repeated applications to his skull before he gets a clue.

Keep up the good fight JimBobby.

Oh, did tweety ever come back to roost?

Anonymous said...

Well done JimBobby. I agree with Zorpheus as well. That individual is vile and cannot have a decent civilized conversation without hurling personal insults. I suppose all environments need their misbehaved children.

It would be interesting to see if the Toyota plant would benefit Ontario or Alabama most. And I don't mean in terms of enriching the province or the state but in improving living conditions and giving jobs to unemployed people.

I'm all for the seminationalist position that it's great Canada received this capitalist honor, but I think that the plant should go to the area that needs it the most. Regardless of which country it is.

PR said...

Why should Alberta stay in Canada? What possible benefit do we derive?

PR said...

And with respect Zorpheus, what have you contributed, anywhere, lately? If you're going to be so harsh towards another blogger, you'd better update your own writing skills.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Peter asked what benefit there is fer staying in Canadee.

Well, Pete, I reckon jest bein' able t' say yer livin' in the best dang country in the whole dang world oughta be benefit enuff. Bein' able t' say yer part of a big an' beautiful home an' native land oughta be benefit enuff. Bein' free t' live an' work anywheres from St. John's t' Victoria oughta be benefit enuff.

Bein' free t' agitate fer Alien Albert separatism makes Canajuns a heap better off than most o' the sorry-ass world.

If yer only lookin' fer the kind o' benefits that come by cheque in the mail, who knows? Mebbe King Ralph can pay you more money t' love Alberty than the feds can pay you t' love Canadee. 50 years from now, when the oil's all gone, the Alien Alberts' grandchildren'll be thankful they got Canadee's shoulder t' lean on.

As far as I'm concerned, the fair weather friends who wanna t' get paid fer lovin' is nuthin' but prostitutes. I don't care 'bout them sorta benefits. Freedom, equality an' democracy are the benefits I want an' Canadee's deliverin' in spades.


Anonymous said...

Well thank you Peter for pointing out my poor grammar and spelling skills. I do realize that not up to the standards of many bloggers, which is why I ussually feed ideas to people like Mark over at Section 15. I guess I could take the time to run my posts through a spell/gammar checker, but I'm too lazy to do so.

As for being harsh with Anonalogue, well I'll just let his idiotic behavour speak for itself. Personally you have to be real Grade A arse-hole to get banned over at Section 15, and Anonalogue managed to do that the other day after trolling Mark's site and calling him a liar.

Anyways, Peter, have a nice long weekend.

Anonymous said...


Ya shur ya don't wanna to borrow me clue-by-four fer yur debait?

HillyBilly Zorph ;-)

Princess Monkey said...

Good on ya JimBobby: I cannot TELL you how sick I am of listening to twits like that disparaging Canada. For sure, there is always room for improvement - as with anything. One of the great things about Canada is that we are always striving to improve - often due to *constructive* dissent. These guys have nothing constructive to say. Luckily they speak for a tiny minority. I know a lot of people in Alberta and I can tell you that they nearly die of embarassment at the crap these guys are spewing. Most Albertans love Canada and are proud Canadians. But it's always the cranks that get the attention.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer the offer, Zorf, but I reckon a stunnin' combination o' dialect an' dialectics is all I need in the debatin' department. 'Course, when things start goin' bad I can always offer up a JimBobby-flavoured knuckle samwitch or two.


Anonymous said...


You should pop by Section 15 and read Anonalogue little trolling acting from yesterday. It really was pathetic, and the guy then has the ballz to call me a troll, LOL. He's back at his own blog sulking about it, oh well, he need only appoligize to Mark for calling Mark a liar, but he isn't man enough to do so. At his current rate he'll be banded from all the blogs except those on the Blogging Tory blog roll.

ricky said...

Good post buddy.

Most Albertans I know are more than happy as Canadians. The people that are not are folks like Link Bi-some-thing or other. Disn't know his group bent that way, but I digress.

Doug Christie is another pro seperatist from Alberta. I see Peter has not disappeared. I would expect he will now put the case for Alberta to seperate.

I suppose Peter thinks the actions of the banned individual would be okay for a blogging tory.

I can see him jumping in to defend a "leftie" that lost his carcker too. Right?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for holding a mirror up to the Alberta "Separatista/Firewall" crowd. The current bellyaching from them seems largely to be a plateful of bitterness because the Conservatives didn't win the last election, served with a side of bile since Harper's antics in the house last sitting destroyed his credibility.

Fortunately, most Albertans I know are passionately Canadian. Do they have grievances with Ottawa - yes, but are they willing to give up on Canada - no.

Besides - most people are honest enough with themselves to recognize that Alberta as a separate state would wind up being treated by the US as another Peurto Rico - at best. (If anyone believes that Washington would "get cuddly" with Alberta because of our resources, you clearly haven't paid attention to American diplomacy in the last - oh 50 odd years...)

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer chimin' in, folks. I reckon this here PeterFeller who got his question answered is out on the fringes. Over t' his own boog, he sez I "hate" AlienAlberts an' I'm "denyin' " their right t' chart their own future.

JimBobby sez -- Bullshit!

I ain't got hate in my heart fer many. AlienAlberts is mostyly pore, misguided dumbasses an' they ain't deservin' o' hate. Mebbe if they start blowin' up subways in Trawna (centre o' the universe), I might work up a hate fer 'em but now, I mostly feel sad 'bout 'em. They're pitiful.

The part where ol' Peter sez I'm "denyin' " 'em their rights is pure crappola. I never denied nobuddy nuthin' when I sed the dumbass AlienAlberts oughta try buildin' up their party an' holdin' a referendumb. All's I'm sayin' is their idee's so stoopid that they won't get far with it. That ain't denyin', no two ways. If anything, it's "invitin'".

Yesterday, over t' Pete's boog, I asked ol' Peter to take back what he sed 'bout me denyin' his rights but he ain't done it, yet. Mebbe he's been busy signin' up members t' the Grumble, Bitch an' Moan Party.

AlienAlberts? Bring 'em on.


Anonymous said...

Like a lot of "conservatives" from Alberta, he's forgotten that politics is a game of "give and take". Apparently, he can't seem to get the notion of satire either...

Princess Monkey said...

Normally I skip over "anonymous" posts. Usually they are cowardly dickheads spewing nonsensical crap. Glad I made an exception here...I must say this is the first articulate and reasonable "anonymous" I've ever "met"...

Zorph: a sad sad spectacle. There's no way I'll be visiting that idiots' blog. The more time you spend on him - the more masochistic you are I'd say...Good on Mark for dealing with him.

JB: I saw your exchange over at Rempel Incarnate. The weakness of a persons' character is directly proportional to the amount of hyperbole they resort to. At least you can muster some pity for him...that's more than I've got...

PR said...

You people are nit-twits. Is this how you intend to hold Canada together? With insults and dismissals?

Here's a newsflash: Alberta ain't Quebec, and it won't respond to a national "tough love" campaign by being cowed. If you don't know this, you don't know Albertans. But by all means, take that chance. And accept my early condolences for your "country."

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Well, Peter, you showed us all what sorta person you are. Yer willin' t' sell yer patriotism t' the highest bidder. Lovin' yer country even if it costs you sum money is what patriots do. Traitors t' Canadee get no respect from me. At least the Q-beck separtists was fightin' fer their culture. AlienAlberts is only fightin' fer almighty dollars.

Shame on the greedy bunch.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! This is gettin' nasty. I see ol' Peter's own boog has sum comments an' I commented there t' defend myself against false accusations 'bout me "hatin' " an' "Denyin' " people their rights.

It's lookin' like Pete ain't allowin' me t' comment anymore over t' his boog. He's got his AlienAlbert minions postin' up against JimBobby but won't allow JimBobby t' comment.

That jest shows what sum people'll do t' shut up commonsense. Not only is the AlienAlberts patriotic prostitutes, they don't allow free speech.

Here's the comment I tried postin' over t' Pete's anti-free speech boog. I see a AlienAlbert's got a new comment but mine still won't take, so I reckon I been banned. That's a first fer me. --


Whooee! Well, Petey, you showed what sorta man you are. You made a false accusation that I was "denying" yer rights. I called you on it an' sed I wasn't an' you should show me where I did any denyin'. I asked you t' take back yer false accusation. You din't. Yer too puny t' admit yer whole boog story was a lie an' that yer slanderin' me by sayin' I got hate in my heart an' I'm denyin' sumbuddy's rights. Them's hurtful, nasty lies, Pete. Take 'em back.

I din't deny, dammit. An' I don't "hate" like you sed in yer title. I don't hate too many. I hate racist sumbitches. You ain't showed yerself t' be one. I hate torturin' brutes. You ain't one o' them.

I don't hate AlienAlberts. I feel sorry fer 'em. When they can't see past their wallets lookin' fer their country, they're pitiful. An' I mean that - pity is what I feel fer them sorryass, misguided malcontents.

Ontariariario is one o' these here "have" provinces, jest like Alberty. If Ontariariarians was patriotic whores, sellin' their love t' the highest bidder, we'd be lookin' fer a way out, too. Like I sed, most Alberts ain't separatists. You know it. I know it. Everybuddy knows it. That's why nobuddy's afraid o' yer ASP or any referendumb you might get goin'. Yer out on the fringe. You wouldn't get 10% wantin' t' leave Canadee.

SpellerFeller, in case yer wonderin' what I think 'bout Triple E, I wrote up a boog story on that. EEE-k! A Mouse in the Upper House. I'm all fer easin' yer sadass alienation an' if Triple E's part o' the answer, I'm all fer it. I sed so back then an' I say so now.

Triple E's a reform t' Canadee's gummint. It ain't separatism. I reckon senate-reformers love this great home an' native land enuff t' wanna see it get better. AlienAlberts who wanna leave Canadee don't love this country. They love whoever leaves the most money on their dresser in the mornin'.


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