Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Annie McLellan sez -- "The sky is fallin' "

Whooee! I jest seen a story in the Yahoo News where Canajun Publick Safety Minister Annie (Gonna Getchergun) McLellan sez Canajuns ain't pairynoid enuff. We ain't psychologically ready fer terrists t' blow stuff up here in our home an' native land. Shee-it! What's ol' AnnieGal thinkin'?

I reckon she thinks we Canajuns oughta be all suspicious an' terrorized like the pore Merkins is. Mebbe she figgers we oughta get us a red, orange an' yeller terrist warnin' system. Mebbe we oughta start keepin' track o' who reads what at the publick liberry. Mebbe we need t' start lookin' over our shoulders an' reportin' t' CSIS everytime we see a Arab talkin' t'another Arab. Mebbe we all oughta buy guns an' carry 'em around in the glove compartment.

Ol' Annie sez Canajuns ain't psyched up fer bein' killed when we're goin' about our own daily bizness. Who is? I can't see how anybuddy's sposed t' getted psyched fer havin' the subway bombed. Us bein' afraid ain't gonna stop terrists. If we're terrorized by jest the threat o' terrism, then them there terrists already won the first battle an' it's Annie McLellan who's wavin' the white flag.

When them there Londoners went out t' work on the day after them rotten sumbitches bombed them pore people, they showed they wasn't all terrorized with fear. Is anybuddy thinkin' them pore folks who died wouldn't o' died if they'd only been more psychologically prepared? I don't.

I'm all fer AnnieGal makin' sure we got good emergency fellers an' gals an' good communications in case sum bastards try t' terrorize Canajuns. I'm all fer the Minister o' Publick Safety makin' sure the publick is as safe as can be. I'm all fer checkin' fer bombs an' tryin' t' root out them who'd kill innocent Canajuns.

I ain't all fer fear-mongerin', though. When the bigass headline sez -- "Canadians not psychologically ready for threat of terror, McLellan says" -- I reckon she's barkin' up the wrong tree. Everybuddy knows they gotta expect the unexpected.

Most o' that there article ain't about Canajuns' psycho-readiness. It's mostly 'bout the emergency service folks gettin' their shit together. That don't have diddly t' do with the publick's psychology. Makin' sure emergency service folks got their shit together's Annie's job. Tryin' t' get Canajuns t' run around willy-nilly worryin' 'bout the sky fallin' down is the terrists' job.

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...

I bin sykeylawgikly prayered since de day I wez born. Called bein' ornery. Just like de Londondeners.

Anonymous said...

Well put Jimbobby, well put