Friday, July 08, 2005

Sumbitch Bombers

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, ol' JimBobby's blood's a-boilin'. Them sumbitches who blowed up them trains an' that there bus in Merrie Olde Englande got me pissed off, no two ways. Craven coward killers is what they are. Or "was" mebbe, if they was suicide bombers.

I hear tell they found a coupla other bombs that din't go off. I hope that's true on accounta that's how they caught sum o' them rotten bastards in Spain. They found themselves a dud bomb an' it had a cell phone trigger an' the dumbass who used it left all sortsa stuff in there.

Suicide bombers is sumpin' that I can't hardly unnerstand. I reckon that's true fer most folks -- includin' the folks who's in charge o' stoppin' terrism. I wonder if the big generals in this here War on Terror are tryin' t' unnerstand what's goin' on inside o' the heads o' these here suicide bombers an' also the puppetmasters who put 'em up to it. The puppetmasters is easier t' figger out on accounta them suicide bombers is willin' martyrs fer their cause an' human weapons. It's the bombers themselves that I can't figger out.

When we hear about these here suicide bombers (yeow! let's call 'em SB's. I'm gettin' tired o' typin' .) Anyway, when we hear 'bout these here SB sumbitches, I reckon most folks jest think they gotta screw loose an' that's what makes 'em willin' to blow up their own selfs an' kill a bunch o' innocent civvies at the selfsame time. Mebbe they do have screws loose but, dang it, they're organized an' crafty sumbitches an' they do their killin' in the name o' sumpin'.

Like ol' BillyBoy Shakespeare sed, there's too much method fer it all t' be madness. (Well, sorta like Billy sed.)

Now, since I ain't king o' the world or president o' the USA, I don't have me a army o' eggheads an' psy-ops special forces or a trillion dollar budget fer fightin' terrism. If I did have them things, I'd try figgerin' out what's goin' on inside the heads o' these SB's. I reckon that might be the onliest way t' stop 'em.

One thing I figger is you can't stop these sumbitches with war. Leastwise, not any sorta war like's been fought before. When the Merkins try bombin' 'em back, they kill a buncha civvies, themselves, an' that makes fer pissed off people who might jest strap on a few sticks o' dynamite.

It ain't possible t' stop 4 fanatic SB's or 18 or 50. An' we know an' they know it only takes 1 SB t' blow up a whole buncha folks inside a train or a bus or a restaurant or a school. One fanatic SB can always get through somewhere. No amount o' police or metal detectors or fingerprintin' businessmen at the airport can stop that one fanatic from killin' a buncha folks. Sure, they might stop sum of 'em but there ain't no way fer police or the army t' stop all of 'em.

Alls I can see is tryin' to cut down on the number o' people willin' t' be SB's. I ain't sure how on accounta not havin' all them things I sed but if we're gonna win this here War on Terror, I reckon the onliest way is t' keep the bad guys from findin' so many willin' recruits who's willin' not t' jest fight but t' strap on the bombs an' die. It'd be a good thing, sez I, if there was sum big peace marches in places like Tehran an' Cairo an' Baghdad an' Damascus an' Yemen an' Kuwait. In them peace marches, it'd be good t' see a buncha youngsters chantin' "Hell no. We won't go."

That brings t' mind ol' Buffy St. Marie's song. "He's the universal soldier and he really is to blame..." With the uselessness o' tryin' t' fight these here terrists usin' conventional weapons, I gotta ask how addin' more fuel t' the flames is helpin'. We gotta nip terrism in the bud an' that's sumpin' that takes a different kinda warfare than guns an' bombs.

If the terrists can't find enuff new blood, they ain't gonna win. I reckon the best way t' stop 'em from gettin' new blood is fer the good guys t' get t' the youngsters first an' win 'em over t' the Peace, Love an' Unnerstandin' side. That's the side we're on, ain't it?

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...


Despite or redneck lingo, and simple country mannorism, you are able to find the nail and pound the sucker flat and true. I should point a few truly retarded individuals your way so you can explain it to them.

I tip my hat to you JimBobby.

In other news, I should have your video release for you later this weekend. I was also thing of doing a Belinda video using your other song, that one really rocks. Any ways, once I deliver you video cut, you are free to use it as you see fit, if you need someone to host the video for you (because of bandwidth concerns) I'll be more than happy to place the file on my site for you to link to.

Yous is gonna be a star JimBobby ;-)

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer sayin' them nice things, Zorf. Go ahead an' use my singin' audio boogs however you want so long as you tell 'em who I am. I'm thinkin' that the B.Linda affair is kinda stale but go ahead if you want.

I hear tell now that them two other bombs weren't really bombs so they ain't got that evidence. They got the remains o' the bus bomber, I hear tell, an' that's the bestest clue, so far.

I seen sum numbnutses sayin' what we oughta do now is go over an' bomb sum mosques an' Islamic religious schools. You probbly think I'm kiddin' 'bout Canajuns sayin' that. I ain't go over an' see fer yerself.

I figger that's jest the sorta thing'll get more'n'more hopeless hoolighans an' turn 'em inta' terrist killers. If there's a culture war goin' on like sum folks sez, I don't reckon that there's the kinda war you fight with guns an' bombs. Culture wars get fought with idees an' the failures of the Crusades an' Stalinism an' PolPot's Killin' Fields jest prove that might don't make right.


Anonymous said...

Good postings JimBobby, and here is my official welcome to you to our Progressive Bloggers group.

Zorpheous said...

Welcome to the Progressive Bloggers JimBobby! Alls Is gotta sez is its aboot time!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Well, fellers, I did me a little soul-searchin' before I signed on as a pergressive. I seen yer list had sum other fellers who ain't exactly liberal, so I reckon I ain't a bad match. I think I'm pergressive, anyways, even if sum fellers an' gals figger I'm a redneck. I'm a live-an'-let-live hick an' not really a redneck. Live-an'-let-live seems like commonsense t' me but I reckon sum folks'd call it pergressive.

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