Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cowboy Steve Floggin' Dead Horses

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I jest seen a story 'bout Stevie Harpoon kissin' George W. Bush's ass down in Washington. Harper told Bushfeller a Big-C gummint in Canadee'd be keen on joinin' up with the Merkins on the Ballstick Missile Fence. In case anybuddy fergot, Polly Wolly Fartin' Martin sed sumpin' like that awhile back. Then, ol' Pryminister PollyBoy realized that most Canajuns is dead set against ballstick missiles an' he told ol' Dubya we weren't joinin' up.

Don't Harpoon unnerstand that if yer lookin' t' get elected, you gotta say stuff that most Canajuns are gonna agree with?

The Ballstick Missile Fence issue is a done deal - a dead horse. It's over. We ain't ridin' that pony. We're glad we ain't. We don't wanna saddle up an' ride that territory again -- 'specially on a dead horse.

Ballstick missiles ain't the only dead horse Cowboy Stevie's floggin'. The pinion pools is sayin' 55% o' Canajuns is happy as Larry with the selfsame sexy marryin' law that was jest passed. Harpoon sez he's gonna repeal that there piece o' pergressive legislation. Numbnuts!

Mebbe ol' SteveFeller can dress up like a cowboy an' look stoopid but that don't mean he oughta jump on one dead horse after another an' act stoopid, too.

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...

Just got back from Calgary and discovered while there that many westeners like Harpoon 'bout as much as Fartin' Martin, which aint much 'tall.
How did he win the leadership again?

ricky said...

Who the heck let Harper out of the Hotel room with that outfit on?

Dead horses seem to be the ones Harper and his posse prefer. Equal marriage is one he dragged around and now he is committed to changing that if he is elected.

The missile defense plan is another dead horse as you put so well.

I almost feel sorry for the guy. He was supposed to be the Prime Minister right now, then he had a few MP's open their mouths and say more stupid things.

Then the conservatives did it again, shooting their best shot to respectability, Belinda.

About the only way this guy will see 24 Sussex will be on a tour bus!

Anonymous said...

"Ballstick missiles" is one of the most eloquent things you've ever said, JimBob.

Anonymous said...

Is this individual hellbent on self-political suicide? North American politics are so odd sometimes. It's almost as if the political leaders here invite reproach and anger by "following their moral values" instead of giving the people what they want. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is the Government not elected by majority in order to enforce the will of that majority upon the rest of the populace?

Democracy is so odd. I miss Russia.

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