Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Kinsellerfeller's Pointy Finger

Whooee! The brown stuff's hittin' the fan in Ottywa, no two ways about it. Yesterday, ol' Warrin' Kinsellerfeller got up on his hind legs an' told 'em all that Polly Wolly Fartin' Martin wasn't all lily white like he sez he was. The Trawna Star has a big write-up on what Kinsellerfeller sed an' how that's got the Pryminister's gang all in a lather. Here's a little bit o' that story:
In one of the most bizarre dramas ever seen on Parliament Hill, other members of the public accounts committee witness panel — including Auditor General Sheila Fraser — looked on balefully as Kinsella, responding to questions from opposition MPs, flung lurid accusations at former Martin aide Terrie O'Leary; David Herle, who has been a close adviser to Martin for years; and at Martin himself.

Kinsella, who also claimed that an unnamed person had tried to interfere with his testimony before the committee, asserted that Martin, when he was finance minister in the 1990s, was personally involved in awarding contracts to Earnscliffe Strategy Group, an Ottawa consulting and polling firm that employed Herle and other Martin supporters.
Yeow! Now, everybuddy knows ol' Warrin' was showed the door when Fartin' Martin took over from Chretienfeller. He an' Martin's crew been fightin' fer years, even before Martin took on the PM job, goin' back t' when Polly Wolly was still nippin' at Johnny Cretin's heels. I spose we oughta be takin' what Kinsellerfeller sez with a grain o' sodium chloride. But, dang, everybuddy's always sayin' how they can't understand the ding-dong finance minister Martin bein' in the dark on all these sponsorship cheques. Kinseller's jest tellin' us what we already guessed.

I got me a mental pitcher o' ol' Polly Wolly Fartin Martin sittin' on the CBC Cross Country Checkup Show a year ago an' he sed that anybuddy who was wrapped up in these kinda schemes din't deserve t' be in the gummint. When the Pryminister sed that, it seemed like he must be innocent or else he'd be takin' a big gamble talkin' that way.

It makes fer a tuff choice. The Remembers o' Parliment an' the rest o' us Canajuns gotta decide whether we believe the Pryminister who's tryin' t' cling t' power fer dear life. After waitin' in the wings fer ten years, ol' Polly Wolly can't be none too happy 'bout gettin' the ol' heave-ho so soon.

Or do we believe ol' Warrin' Kinsellerfeller, the Chretienite Prince o' Darkness? Everybuddy knows ol' Warrin' is a backroom warrior political hack spinmeister strategizer who could give ol' Karl Rovefeller a coupla lessons. He's got a burr up his keester when it comes t' Fartin' Martin an' his crew. But what he sez sounds more believeable than a Finance Minister who can't keep track o' $250 million.

One thing I'll betcha fer sure. Ol' Polly Wolly Fartin' Martin's probbly wishin' he'd been nicer t' Kinsellerfeller when he climbed up inta the Pryminister's chair. My ol' Pappy had hisself a sayin' that comes t' mind:

"Be careful who you step on when yer on yer way up on accounta yer gonna meet them selfsame folks on yer way back down."

Update: I jest seen a coupla other write-ups an' thought mebbe I oughta link to 'em.
The Globe & Mail has a story called - Martin took personal interest in contracts: Kinsella.
An' the Trawna Star has another story called - Martin knew of contract problems, committee hears.

Yores trooly,


RossK said...

So JB--

Wonder if Mr. K is ready to take back that little 'ol 'you won't last six months' prediction he levelled at you awhile back?

Conversely....should we make any predictions about his longevity?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I hope I can last six months or more jest so's I can rub it inta Kinsellerfeller. I reckon he'll come outta the Gump Show tarnished but unindicted. He ain't as big a player as he'd like everybuddy t' think.