Thursday, April 21, 2005

Despret Housemembers

Whooee! I was busy with sum chores an' stuff at 7:00 so I din't get a chance t' see an' hear ol' Pryminister Polly Wolly Fartin' Martin when he sang his mea culpa TV swan song. Lucky fer me we got the CBC servin' up the speechifyin' on Realplayer (crappiest web video of 'em all). They got the other leader fellers speeches posted up there onta the CBC, too.

Ol' Polly Wolly sure sounded sorrowful despret. I almost felt sorry fer the pore pathetic pryminister. Onliest troublem is that it's all jest like Fartin' Martin sed hisself. He was holdin' onta the finance portfolio when the dirty deeds was bein' done an' he oughta known what's goin' on. If he ain't crooked, he's at least incompetent.

But the ol' boy sez he's sorry it's all such a damn mess an' we oughta give ol' Justus Gump time t' get t' the bottom o' the AdScam dung heap. Polly Wolly sez he'll make an election call inside o' 30 days from when Gumper's Choir Show sings its last note. The other fellers like the CheeseHat an' HarpoonTosser an' Laydown ain't sed yet whether they're gonna let Gump finish up before they drop the hammer on ol' Fartin' Martin's Liberal gummint.

I spose the opposin' side wants t' be sure they can win before they up an' force an election vote. Sum pundidiots is sayin' that Canajuns ain't gonna take kindly t' havin' an election vote so soon after the last one an' the party who makes that election happen is gonna pay fer it at the pollin' booth. I reckon that's true but the onliest thing is that no matter who brings an end t' ol' Polly Wolly's reign, it's the Liberals' fault we're goin' t' the polls again so soon. It was the thievin' AdScammers who caused the Liberals t' be in the minority in the first place an' it'll be the thievin' AdScammers' fault we gotta go to the votin' booth again right away.

A coupla things ain't sittin' right with me. I ain't too happy with the Pryminister 'bout gettin' everybuddy all on the edge o' their chairs by going on the TV like there's sum big disaster happenin'. Shee-it! The onliest crisis is the crisis in confidence Canajuns have with ol' Martin an' his bunch. I reckon this is what they call grandstandin'. The dumbass pryminister shoulda figgered that the other fellers'd get their equal time. Polly Wolly gets 6 minutes t' tell his side an' then three other guys get 6 minutes apiece t' dump on Martin. Smart thinkin', HerleFeller.

Another thing's got a burr up my keester is how much a bigass federal election costs the taxpayers o' Canadee. I reckon it's a few hunnert million. Between the money that got stole in the AdScam an' the wasted money we spent last year on a worthless election that hasta be done over already an' all that on top o' the $80 million, or so, we're shellin' out fer the Justus Gumper Choir Show, we're goin' broke. An' every ding-dong wasted penny is the fault o' the damn thievin' corrupt Liberals an' their advertisin' company buddy-boys in Q-beck.

I reckon it don't matter whether we hold the vote today or next January, the GrittyFellers is all washed up - leastwise fer the next 10 years or so.

Yores trooly,


Len Kutchma said...

RealPlayer is nothing but spyware garbage JimBobby. I created an audio file in mp3 format which is compatible with ANY media player for playback.

The only thing is it's not video - it's the audio (like I said mp3) But you don't have to download RealPlayer to hear it.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer that, Lenfeller. Yer right as rain 'bout that RealPlayin' piece o' crap. I got it but I try not t' use it too much. Mebbe sum Canajuns oughta bitch t' the CBC. They oughta make them videos in mpeg so we can choose what sorta player we wanna use fer seein' 'em.