Monday, April 25, 2005

Audio Boogin'

Whooee! A few weeks ago I come up with the idee that sum o' my readers might wanna hear me read my boogs out loud. I mentioned it again in a comment on that there poem I put up the other day.

Well, friends an' foes, ol' John Fewings the cartoon drawin' boy sez he's gonna help out an'John Fewings, good guy. supply me with sum hostin' space fer sum o' my audio boogs. Ol' JohnFeller an' I been doin' sum emailin' back an' forth. I reckon he's sum sorta wizard in the web hostin' file transportin' department. He got it all set up fer me t' post up my MP3 yammerin' boog stories up onta his space. I owe JohnnyBoy a big debt o' gratitude fer figgerin' this all out fer ol' JimBobby an' fer lettin' me horn in on sum o' his hostin' space. Thankee, John!

So here we go with JimBobby's very first audio boog - Dangerous Fartin' Martin.

Jest click here fer the audio. I spose I oughta warn everybuddy jest how big that there audio MP3 file is. It ain't too big -- 'bout 1.2 megabytes. If yer drivin' in the fast lane o' the information super-highway, it won't take no time at all t' download. If yer still dialin' up from outta the slow lane, it'll take few minutes (mebbe 5 ?).

Yores trooly,


Darcey said...

That was damn funny - thanks!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer the comment, DarceFeller. I reckon mebbe yer the onliest one who listened t' my yammerin' audio. Elsewise, mebbe nobuddy else had anythin' good t' say so they din't say nuthin'. My little foray inta the world of audio-boogin' ain't caused the multitudes t' beat a path t' my boog but I ain't ready t' give up on it jest quite yet.


Len Kutchma said...

You should consider publishing some of this stuff - it's great!

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