Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dirty Dogs an' Polyticians

Whooee! Ol' Spot's a dirty dog after runnin' in the soybean field this mornin'. When I see a dirty dog like that, it always sets my mind t' thinkin' 'bout polyticians an' their backroom wheelin' an' dealin'. Now, I don't mean any disrespect t' ol' Spot but this mornin' when him an' me were traipsin' through the beanfield, it was like he was the polytician an' I was the taxpayin' cityzen.

Ol' Spot put me in mind o' polyticians even before he got hisself all covered in mud. He was out there all fer his own self an' he din't care too much 'bout what I wanted t' do. This mornin' he seen a bunny an' lit off after'm fer a quarter mile or so. I called t' ol' Spot but he wasn't listenin' t' ol' JimBobby anymore'n my remember o' parliment listens t' me. Ol' Spot jest done as he pleased an' come back t' check on me when he felt like it.

Once we was 'bout as far away from home as we usually get, the damn hard, cold rain started t' pelt down. Rain an' dirt an' mud don't make no nevermind t' ol' Spot an' jest like the pore ol' taxpayer, I was gettin' soaked while Spot was havin' fun doin' as he damn well pleased an' gettin' hisself all dirty.

After SpottyBoy got hisself all covered in mud, he started puttin' me in mind o' them dirty AdScampers that Justus Gumper's lookin' at an' also put me in mind o' them backroom mud-tossers I wrote about yesterday. If ol' David Herle was a dog, what sorta breed do you reckon he'd be? Terrie O'Leary'd probbly be an' Irish setter. What about Kinsellerfeller?

Like I sed, I don't wanna show too much disrespect fer well-meanin' dogs o' the canine persuasion by comparin' 'em t' them dirty dogs in polyticks. One good thing is I can put ol' Spot in the bath tub an' get'm cleaned up without me gettin' hurt too bad. Cleanin' up the dirty dogs in Ottywa ain't so easy.

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...

Not that I would wish this on Ol Spot...but our gov't needs a leash. I thought a minority parliament would make a good choke collar, but alas...once a dirty dog bites too often - you gotta put him down.

Anonymous said...

Herle kinda looks like a St. Bernard these days. A really sad looking dog with nothing left in the flask to save a dying master.

Kinsella? A Jack Russell Terrier .... dangerous and destructive when they have no real purpose in life.

Your ol Spot sure looks like a fine stock dog.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer chimin' in, Gals. Yer right, Princess. Them dirty dogs has jest about wore out their welcome.

Kinsellerfeller as Jack Russell sounds 'bout right. Ol' Spot had one o' them nippin' at'm jest this mornin'. Cute an' smart but nasty.

I reckon ol' Spot'd be good with stock, Glenda. He's a full-blooded Border Collie an' jest a coupla generations from bonnie ol' Scotland. We ain't got any sheep or cows here but I wanna get the little feller out watchin' his kin in sum sheep dog trials this summer. So far, he jest tries t' herd Ma an' I an' the kiddies. He's a good chaser an' throw sticks fer'm mostly. I reckon that makes'm a good "stick" dog an' on his way t' bein' a good stock dog.