Monday, April 04, 2005

Justus Gumper Meets the Boogeysphere

Whooee! I almost fergot t' post up my boog story today on accounta I been busy follerin' this big story where ol' Justus Gumper who's running the AdScam Choir Show told everybuddy t' keep the lid on sum hot testimony an' now it's out on a Merkin boog. Ol' Justus Gump's got this here feller Jean Brault givin' evidence an' by the sounds of it, he's got hisself a sordid tale t' tell.

I can't say much more'n that myself elsewise mebbe ol' Gump'll be haulin' JimBobby's ass before his bench fer a boogin' choir show. I reckon that there boog down in Merka ain't subjected t' ol' Gumper's Canajun ban on publicatin' the rotten things ol' Braultfeller sez they did with the AdScam millions. There's sum Canajun boogers who put up links t' the Merkin boog where they blabbed what Gumper told 'em to keep on the hush-hush.

Shee-it! There can't be no harm in jest tellin' folks if they jest click here they can read some hot'n'spicy stuff 'bout what was sed at the Gomery Inquiry.

Yores trooly,


Darcey said...

Hoo hoo JimBobby! It has been a lot of fun today buddy!

ricky said...

Polly Wolly Inkwells, whom you have a link too on your site has a good response to those upset about the American Blogger posting info on the web.

It really doesn't matter as the ban does not apply to him. Wheather the ban is good or not I haven't made up my mind.

Bloogers Byline said...

i read the whole thing in the Weekly Suppositor cus that dumb ass editor thought a ban was sumpthin they read out in the anglycan charch.

Anonymous said...

I guess all the fuss here IS the ban. The testimony is certainly not shocking - who didn't expect this? The sponsorship program is a total can of corrupt worms. Interesting that this whole thing was supposed to be an attempt to convince people in Quebec that they really want to stay a part of Canada. I'm sure they are really convinced now...Worse is that this has scared the liberals into dropping the budget amendment pertaining to Kyoto. That the greed of a few can cause so much crap! Lord thundrin...

Psychols said...


Looks like most Canadian bloggers removed their links to grumpy Eds website for fear of prosecution. You haven't done so yet, and are one of the few remaining.

I'm not sure that grumpy Ed's synopsis of what somebody told his un-named friend is reliable enough to be worth much anyway. In that case it is no big deal and Justice Gomery is probably unconcerned. However some bloggers think they ban may apply to bloggers and are playing it safe.