Thursday, April 19, 2007

Painted Jezebel Stephen Harper: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I ain't sure whether to laff or cry. Yesterday, Ma an' I had us a good ol' laff over mornin' coffee when we seen a article in the Brantford Suppositor tellin' about Pryminister Steve's make-up gal, Michelle Muntean. Ma sez Harper's got Merkan hair. Merkan polyticians like Trent Lott got their own hairdoo an' Harp's in their robot ranks -- well, leastwise his stylist is makin' Steve look like he'd fit right in at the Alabama Legislature.

But, like the Beatles sed, that was yesterday and yesterday's gone.

Just thinkin' about Harper settin' in a chair gettin' his face an' hair an' fingernails done fer the cameras is still bringin' a smile to my face. But today, there's bad news fer Canajuns. Turns out, us taxpayers is payin' fer Harper's make-up an' hair gal. Here's the story from outta CP.

Taxpayers pay for Harper's fashion adviser

Canadian Press
Published: Thursday, April 19, 2007
OTTAWA (CP) -- It turns out that taxpayers are picking up the tab for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's personal primper.

After two days of ducking media and opposition questions, the Conservatives finally revealed Wednesday that Michelle Muntean is on Harper's government staff.

But the revelation raises two more big questions: How much is she being paid? And why is there no government record of her employment.

Harper has been travelling with his personal image adviser for major domestic and international events -- most recently at ceremonies at Vimy Ridge in France last week. Muntean helps him perfect his look, including managing his wardrobe and general grooming.

News that Harper uses a style maven had the opposition both frothing and laughing.

"Does the prime minister have difficulty sleeping at night wondering whether he should wear the light blue socks or the dark blue ones?" New Democrat MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis asked in the House of Commons, to loud hoots and claps.

"Can the prime minister tell us who pays for his fashion adviser, and how much that costs?"

Liberal MP Garth Turner also took a shot at his former boss: "It's a legitimate question. I think it's an embarrassing one to him because he likes the cowboy image and not all cowboys wear powder."

Government House Leader Peter Van Loan wouldn't say who pays for Muntean's services.

"Mr. Speaker, the prime minister maintains a tour staff, as do all prime ministers," Van Loan told the Commons.

But a government source later confirmed that taxpayers are on the hook for Muntean's services -- although the Conservative party pays her expenses.

However, there is no record of Muntean as an employee of the Prime Minister's Office, according to an official at the Privy Council Office. And an Access to Information request turned up no record of contracts paid out to Muntean.

John Williamson, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, said such expenses are better paid by political parties.

"The idea that these expenses are going to be run up on the public tab and then answers aren't going to be forthcoming about how much its costing is unacceptable from a taxpayers point of view."

What! Say it ain't so!

It just can't be true that the leader of our home an' native land is gettin' eye shadow an' greasepaint applied at the taxpayers' expense.

Okay, maybe there's a silver linin' in this cloud. It oughta at least be some fun hearin' the HarpoonTossers try an' defend the indefensible. That sorta stuff's always fun.

A lotta boogers an' pundidiots has been sayin' Harper's a bully. I've known one or two bullies in my day. One thing bullies can't abide is gettin' laffed at. But, dang-it-all, who can't help but laff their ass off at a pryminister who travels around with a make-up gal so's he can put on a false face?

Prime Minister Pretty Boy... nya, nya , nya. Hairspray Harper... nya, nya, nya. Prime manicure Harper an' his eyeshadow cabinet. Pretty Boy Steve & his CPoC, the Cosmetic Party of Canada. Canada's Next Top Model.

If bullies get laffed at, they usually lash out. If Harper lashes out with them luscious long lashes, get outta the way. Somebuddy could get mascara on their best white shirt.

Not long ago, the Cons was showin' off their "war rooms" an' the bigass "media centre" TV studio they built with all the money they had leftover after runnin' them stoopidass TV ads. I reckon their shallowness is showin'. Havin' the biggest an' best propaganda machine an' showin' it off ain't the sorta thing that impresses most meat-n-potatoes Canajuns. But, they was usin' CPoC coin to buy that propaganda machine, so that's their business.

Havin' a PM who uses the publick purse to pay fer puttin' on make-up so's we don't hafta look at the man behind the mask is a national embarrassment. When Harper's gun-totin' idols down in Merka hear about the Prettiest Prime Minister, I reckon they'll be laffin' their Merkan asses off.


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