Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Compassionate Canadian Court: Troubled Teen's Pipe Bombs=Probation

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, everybuddy's talkin' about this nutcase down in Virginia who killed all them students an' perfessers. Over t' Stageleft, the StageCoachDriver's got a good boog story on it an' how they got more Iraqis dyin' every day an' how much everybuddy gets all comcerned an' MP's an' Presidents get on their hind legs when 32 Merkans die but look the other way when hunnerts an' hunnerts of Iraqis is bein' killed every week. An' most o' them ain't bein' killed quicklike with a bullet in the brain. They're bein' tortured t' death.

Anyways, I ain't gonna boog about that troubled young man in Virginia. I'm gonna boog on one a little closer to home. This one's from about 20 miles from where ol' JB hang's his toque. I'm postin' up this here story from outta the Hamilton Spectator --

Bomb maker given 3 years probation

SIMCOE (Apr 18, 2007)

A 19-year-old bomb maker has been spared jail and given a sentence of three years probation.

Jakob Froese was in a Simcoe court yesterday where reports from social workers and a psychiatrist deemed him no danger to the public or himself.

Froese was portrayed as a lonely and isolated young man shunned by his family and their religious community, The Church of God in Aylmer. He had started making pipe bombs as a hobby he said he picked up by watching television and reading the encyclopedia.

Lawyer Albert Smelko said Froese now realizes his experiment "was perhaps misplaced and he's wiser for it."

Justice Brian Stead agreed, saying the reports suggest Froese has no mental illness or other issues, and that the dabbling in pipe bombs seems to have been "more of a curiosity".

Crown attorney John Ayre said Froese attracted significant community and media attention when he was arrested in January. At the time, police didn't know if they had a real bomber or a misguided young man.

It turned out to be the latter. Ayre said Froese has no prior record. He added police described Froese as polite and respectful while in jail awaiting trial.

Froese was arrested Jan. 9 after Simcoe OPP found bomb-making components and seven hunting rifles at a Walsingham farm where he rented a room and in the trunk of his car. Froese then spent 25 days in jail before getting bail.

One of the sureties on his bail, John Neudorf of Aylmer, has taken Froese into his home to live with him and his family. Neudorf testified yesterday that Froese was shaken up by jail but quickly calmed down and found a job as a welder.

"He's very much a part of our family," Neudorf said.

Outside court, Neudorf said he first met Froese when he visited the teenager in custody. Neudorf had decided to help Froese after hearing of his predicament and of his upbringing in the Church of God.

"I have relatives in that group," he said. "That led me to feel compassion to help him out of there (custody).

"He led a very sheltered life. Prison is not something that would have helped him in any way."

The Crown and defence made a joint submission for three years probation.

Smelko said Froese has a stable family home life now with Neudorf. Ayre said probation with some counselling, is the best protection for the public.

Well, I hope it all works out fer the young feller an' fer any of his future victims, too. If I was one o' them God-fearin' Church of God folks who shunned the pore, dumb kid an' drove him to carryin' around 7 rifles an' all that bomb-makin' stuff in the trunk of his car, I'd be takin' a look at any other anti-social teenagers who maybe been shunned an' is maybe buildin' up an arsenal.

It's kinda ironical, sez I, when the prosecutor shows more compassion than the Bible thumpin' shunners.



Anonymous said...

Brings to mind the 18 alleged 'terrorists' imprisoned last year. Unlike this guy, they hadnt made any bombs yet, some were only arrested for having said regular teenage statements while others were arrested for having played paintball. hypocrisy? They've not only been denied bail, but have been kept in prison under the strictest condition possible - isolation (which by the way, the supreme court has already deemed cruel past 30 days!)

Anonymous said...

Justice seems to be blurred, even in our great country Canada. The media choses to create softness for something as offensive as this, where as the 18 individuals arrested (as 'anonymous' above mentioned) who are mostly all young Canadians, are not onyl held in isolation, but also already convicted by the media sensationalism. The fact that even if all may be innocent, such media and power against them, can already convict them where as this indiividual who has clearly commited the worst crime, gets 3 year probation max?

Anonymous said...

wonder when this guy will snap????, well at least he actually knows how to make the bombs etc.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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