Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Conservative Conspicuous Consumption

Whooee! I seen on the Lloyd Robertson TV News Show last night the HarpoonTossers got themselves a bigass new campaign office with a bigass TV studio an' a buncha computers an' cubicles an' they're showin' it off t' the press. Over t' Accidental Deliberations, they was on about the wastefulness an' I see it, too.

They're sayin' the press got a look-see at a room with a hunnert computers all runnin' but nobuddy workin'.

Howcum they need t' waste electricity like that?

Howcum PitBullBoy Baird was braggin' up the war room when it's a perfect example of wastin' energy?

These guys showin' off their fancyass new toys is about as enviro-conscious as yer average Hummer driver.

If the Harpoon gummint replaced every single incandescant light bulb with CFB's in every single gummint-owned, gummint-leased or gummint-controlled building, I betcha we'd be able t' shut down one o' Ginty's coal-fired generators. If the Cons was serious about ol' Mother Earth, they'd implement a procurement policy that made 'em buy hybrid or ultra-fuel-efficient vehicles fer their gummint fleets. If they was serious, they'd refuse t' use them limo services that show up in bigass Crown Vic's an' Caddies an' Lincolns an' they'd be takin' the transit or a hybrid taxicab.

Same goes fer Ginty's Liberals in Ontariariario an' probbly fer every other provinkal gummint.

The Cons ain't conservers. They're consumers an' their conspicuous consumption sets a bad example fer all Canajuns.


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Anonymous said...

Like every other party, and every other government, they talk a good game, but when it comes time to "Getting Things Done" it's a different story - regardless of what the propaganda says.