Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Belinda, We Hardly Knew Ye

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, it's all over the news that Belinda Stronach's leavin' polyticks an' won't be runnin' if ever there's an election called. She's packin' it in an' headin' back over t' Magna.

Too bad, sez I.

I figger havin' a rich glamour gal jetsettin' international industrialist heiress to billions was sorta good fer the spectacle up in the House o' Comments. Whenever I seen Belinda on the TV, I always sorta thought she seemed down to earth an' not a snootytoot.

I shook hands with her daddy Frank one day back in about 1985 or 86. Ma useta work in one o' Frankie's Magna plants an' the plant had a Amnesty International chapter an' Ma was mannin' a booth at the shoppin' mall an' Frank came by 'specially t' give his nod of approval. There ain't much not to like about the guy. Self-made rags-to-riches billionaire, eccentric, generous (Katrina), pushes innovative profit-sharing in lieu of unionized shops, small-l liberal, ran once for the big L's, lost and didn't sour enough on politics to stop Belinda from climbin' the greasy pole.

Belinda don't get enough credit fer brains, sez I. I reckon she don't get a free pass on doin' her bigass corporate duties. And she had enough brains to get outta the HarpoonTossers' camp. There ain't enough gals wantin' t' be MP's an' maybe all the nastiness an' kindergarten antics is just too stoopid an' unproductive fer a world class industrial executive like Belinda.

I hope Lizzie May trounces Belinda's ol' flame Petey MacKay an' then we'll get real class act gal in the House o' Comments.


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Rosie said...

Pervy Petey's goin' DOWN!