Thursday, January 11, 2007

Zorph's Got a Bright Idea - Free Light Bulbs

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, Zorph, over t' The Wingnuterer, got hisself a dang good idee an' he's givin' free advice t' Pit Bull Boy over at the Ministry o' Mother Earth. Zorph sez Johnny Baird should hand out vouchers fer $200 worth o' compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFB's I call 'em but I see Zorf calls 'em CFL bulbs). Anyway, Zorf's got charts an' figgers an' projections an' all the evidence makin' a case fer his bright idee.

Average GHG Emmission per KWH = 0.25 kg CO2 (you can quickly get a better number than this based on Canada's current power production profile and fuel vs GHG emmissions for the various fuel type. The above number is very very conservative is is most likely closer to 0.6 kg per KWH)

Program Cost Per Household = $10.00 * 20 * 1.25 = $250.00
Conservative Hydro Savings Per Household = 480 * 20 = 9600 KWH
Conservative Hydro Savings for 8000 hours Lighting = 9600 * 0.1 = $960.00
Average GHG Reduction per Household = 9600 * 0.25 = 2400 Kg

Assuming 7.5 Million Households and 25% take advantage of this Program. This is based on 8000 lighting hours and twenty bulbs per household that pay $0.10 per KHW, with GHG emmissions at 0.25 kg/KWH

Total Program Cost = $468.75 Million
Total Conservative Hydro Savings = 18,000,000 Mega Watt Hours
Total Conservative Hydro Savings = $1.800 Billion
Total GHG Reduction = 4,500,000,000 kg (or 4.5 Million Metric Tonnes)

It a win right across the board, it is an easy. It shows quick action on the file, puts money into economy, saves families some big bucks, reduces hydro consumption, reduces GHG emmissions. (Go an' read the whole thing or else yer a lazyass.)

I'm a lazyass myself so here's a copy an' paste job o' my comment from over t' Zorf's boog. Last week when I was boogin' an' changin' bulbs myself, I even sed they oughta make these bulbs the law. Take the old kind off the store shelves. Make 'em like smoke detectors - mandatory. I got a average size shack an' it only costed me 'bout $65 t' replace all my old incandescents.

I got sum idees up my sleeve but I ain't givin' 'em t' Baird. I'm gonna send my brainstorm t' Lizzie May. I'm a Greenie an' I wanna see the Greens get credit fer bein' the onliest ones who really care 'bout ol' Mother Earth. Environics has got the GreenFellers pollin' at 11% now an' we got more support than the rotten separatist BlocHeads.

Anyway, I reckon we might jest be in fer a perfect storm fer Greenies. Canajuns is fed right up with the do-nuthin's in all o' the bigass old-line parties. The Cons ain't connin' anybuddy with their new green clothes. Canajuns already say the environment is their most pressin' concern.

I figger disgust an' concern'll work together t' create perfect conditions fer the election o' some Green Party MP's.

Yores trooly,


Zorpheous said...

Thanks for the link you old hill-billy hick ;-)

Anonymous said...

ya see this is the thing that always gives me such a big chuckle Myself, as one of those enviromentally insensitive conservative dickwads, I acually "went" out and did change all my light bulbs over (I told my father about them and he did the same, we always compete with one another on who can have the lowest energy bill). I would have thought that you being a big greenie like you say, would have too. Mine have already payed for themself a couple of times over already, so I'm not sure why the gov't has to get involved with free bulbs or any other incentive though...I would think that saving money would be enough of an incentive. Or do real greenies acually need someone else to pay for their need to be enviromentally conservative?!!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! "Or do real greenies acually need someone else to pay for their need to be enviromentally conservative?!!"

It ain't the greenies who need t' be incentivized. The idea is to get the skeptics an' deniers t' change their bulbs.

Anonymous said...

So does that mean you rushed out and bought new light bulbs, or are you waiting for the incentive?

Actions always speak louder than words!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! If you'd bothered readin' what I wrote, you'd know that I did go out an' spend my own money on CFB's an' I ain't waitin' fer a handout. I don't wanna be reimbursed, either.


JimBobby said...' another thing...

AnonnyFeller sez he's "Myself, as one of those enviromentally insensitive conservative dickwads..."

What I'm wonderin' is why a conservative who's more'n likely a Conservative is arguin' against an' idea that was given t' yer buddy PitBullBoy as free advice on a win-win strategy. Zorf offered his idee t' Baird. He wasn't tryin' t' put down Baird. He was givin' Baird an idea that would help the CPoC show credibility an' demonstrate real, effective action on the environmental file.

Savin' ol' Mother Earth ain't a liberal, conservative, left or right thing.

I reckon you don't know shit 'bout trhe Green Party or else you'd know that the Green Party ain't a buncha lefties. We're fiscal conservatives who see the marketplace as an ally in green action. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative.

The CFB idea fits the fiscal conservative model. It doesn't hand out cash for beer an' popcorn. It's bizness-friendly. It shows how sumpin' that's good fer ol' Mother Earth can also be good fer bizness an' good fer consumers at the selfsame time.

I'm happy that yer usin' the bulbs. I'm happy yer Daddy's usin' 'em, too. My own Daddy ain't 'round anymore but my ol' Mum's got the CFB's.

Since yer questionin' my green cred, I reckon there's a few things you oughta know.

I don't own a motor vehicle. I walk most everywhere. I take a train when I go t' Trawna.

I wear long underwear an' sweaters in the winter so's I can keep the thermostat turned down low.

I spent a coupla thousand t' replace a perfectly good low efficiency gas furnace with a high efficiency model.

I don't own any gas-powered toys like snowmobiles or motor bikes or ATV's an' I won't ride on anybuddy else's pollutin' toys.

I don't own a snowblower an' I spend plenty o' back-breakin' hours shovellin'.

I push a non-motorized lawn mower in the summertime.

I put out lots more in my blue box than in my trash an' spend time sortin' the recyclable stuff.

I use rechargeable batteries in most everything that takes batteries.

I try t' do my shoppin' close by so's I can walk. If I hafta go somewhere too far fer walkin', I tag along with somebuddy who's already goin' t' where I need t' go.

I replaced my perfectly good 40 year-old toilet with one that uses a lot less water an' I don't flush every time I take a leak.

Nobuddy paid me t' do those things. Sum of 'em save me money, sum don't. Up until recently, water was not metered in my town so changin' toilets didn't save anything fer the first 5 years, or so.

I don't own a dishwasher an' when Ma's big family comes 'round fer Christmas, we use china plates an' glass drinkware an' we wash the dishes in the sink. I wrap Christmas presents in wrappin' paper I save from when sumbuddy gives me sumpin'.

I carry 'round a white handkerchief in my pocket so's I don't buy Kleenex. I wipe up spills with a tea towel so's I don't buy paper towels.

I wash my clothes usin' soap that works good in cold water.

I ain't sprayed on deodorant in over 35 years. I ain't never sprayed on hairspray. I don't buy spray cans o' paint or WD40.

I buy used clothes from Valu Village. I give used clothes t' Valu Village an' t' the Sally Ann.

I dig the dandelions outta my grass an' don't use any poisons on the lawn or garden.

But there's new things an' ideas comin' out all the time an' I probbly ain't doin' all I could. When I see a good idea, I don't worry if that idea come from a Con or a Lib or a Dipper or Lizzie May or George Bush. If it's a good idea, I'll use it.

Since I wrote so much here, I reckon I'll post this comment as a boog story on it's own. I call that re-usin' an' recyclin'.