Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Green Actions Speak Louder Than Green Words

Whooee! Lotsa boogers is askin' whether ol' King Steve's conversion t' Earth Warrior is a real conversion or if its jest hot air aimed at capitalizin' on a hot topic. This here boog story o' mine is mostly a recycle job of a comment I posted up over t' Scotty Tribe's DiaTribe.

There’s sum ways that Harper an’ his bunch can convince everybuddy o’ the genuine-ness o’ their conversion.

I posted up a boog story a few days ago ’bout these here compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFB’s). Guys like me who’s tryin’ t’ cut down on energy use is replacin' all o’ their old incandescent bulbs with these ones. It costed be ’bout $65 t’ buy all new bulbs. That’ll be paid off in hydro bill savin’s in ’bout 6 months. Already, I’m usin’ less energy an’ helpin’ cut down on’ juice comin’ outta Nanticoke.

If every incandescent bulb in North Merka was replaced with one o’ these CFB’s, they say the Merkans wouldn’t hafta import a drop o’ Middle East oil.

If the gummint’s serious, they need t’ show it.

Have they replaced all o’ the bulbs at 24 Sussex, Parliament Hill an’ all gummint buildings across Canadee?

Are they replacing the fleet o’ gas-guzzlin’ gummint limos with hybrids?

Is the Canajun Forces doin’ what the Merkan Forces is doin’ an’ convertin’ their base vehicles t’ run on bio-diesel?

Is the gummint requirin’ compostin’ an’ recyclin’ programs at all gummint facilities?

Are ministers an’ delegates makin’ use o’ technology so’s they can have virtual webcam face-t’-face meetin’s instead o’ wastin’ time, money an’ fossil fuel by flyin’ everywhere there’s a photo op?

When gummint muckety-mucks hafta fly somewheres, are they flyin’ on commercial flights with hunnerts o’ other passengers or are they gettin’ private jet service?

Are gummint buildin’s turnin’ down the thermostat an’ tellin’ the gummint workers t’ wear sweaters?

Do gummint buildin’s burn the lights all night long when nobuddy’s workin’?

Do MP’s ride public transit?

These is all the sortsa things people look after when they’re concerned ’bout the impact they’re havin’ on ol’ Mother Earth. You can bet that Lizzie May an’ most o’ the Green Party fellers an’ gals is walkin’ the walk in their personal energy use.

When Steph an’ Steve an’ Jack an’ Gilles demonstrate that they’re concerned enuff t’ cut back on their own consumption, I might think ’bout givin’ ‘em my vote.

Yores trooly,

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Saskboy said...

Gov't muckymucks on the bus? I for some reason doubt that. I don't recall more than a handful of higherups in Ottawa where I worked for the govmint' taking the bus like I did, and most I recall drove.