Thursday, December 08, 2005

Martin's Gun Dealie

Whooee! Well, it looks like Pryminister PollyWolly Fartin' Martin finally come up with an idee before the Harpoontossers did. Up til now, it seemed like ol' PollyBoy was layin' low and only reactin' t' whatever Stevie Harper come up with. Harper sed he's gonna reduce the GST; Martin comes back with an income tax break. Harper wants t' give away money fer mums an' dads t' pay fer daycare; Martin sez he'll subsidize the daycares.

With this here ban the handgun bizness, Martin at least come up with sumpin' before the other guys did. Onliest problem is that handguns is almost banned already an' jest sayin' they're banned don't mean the badasses won't still have 'em an' can't still get 'em. Shee-it! How many o' them guns that kilt 50 or so fellers this year in Trawna (centre o' the universe) was registered? None, I betcha.

The troublem with goin' t' all the bother t' write up sum tuff new law against handguns is that the ones its aimed at don't give two shits 'bout the law. T' me this whole Martin idee seems like sumpin' aimed at makin' it look like the Grits is tuff on crime when the fact is the new law won't do any more t' stop gun crime than that billion-dollar registry's done t' stop long gun crime.

I reckon we oughta be throwin' the book at anybuddy caught with an illegal handgun. Send 'em t' jail jest fer havin' it. If they commit a crime an' they're usin' a handgun, lock 'em up fer a good long time, sez I. I reckon we can do all o' that jest by enforcin' the laws we already got.

All the time an' energy wasted passin' new laws could be better spent lookin' inta why the polar bears is havin' a ruff go of it without the ice that's supposed t' be all over the arctic by now. We got real troublems with guns, no two ways, but we also got troublems with the global warmin' oven an' other enviro stuff. We got plenty o' troublems with the first nations water an' with poverty an' with Merkin trade bullyin' an' a jillion other things the gummint can actually do sumpin' 'bout.

The way I hear tell, most o' the guns comin' inta Canadee is comin' from the Merkins. I guess Polly Wolly brought up the subject with the little gap-toothed Condi when she paid a visit t' Ottywa. The way it sounded, Condi din't figger there's much the Merkins can do t' stop guns from comin' inta Canadee. I reckon she's right. If we wanna stop sumpin' from comin' in, its up t' our own border fellers an' gals t' do it.

Yores trooly,

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