Friday, December 02, 2005

I ain't dead

Whooee! Well, friends an' foes, I reckon it's been a couplafew months since I done any boogin'. Some folks mighta thought ol' JimBobby got killed or was sick or had a broken computer or mebbe couldn't pay the sympatico. Nope. Alls that happened was I got myself all wrapped up in a nail-poundin' project over t' the community centre an' I din't have any time fer boogin' like I shoulda had oughta.

The nail-poundin' work's 'bout over an' done with now an' with this here election comin' on, ol' JimBob figgered he oughta get back in the boogin' saddle so I'll try t' post up sumpin' fer yer readin' or lissenin' pleasure everyday fer the next while.

I see they got ol' Jimmy Harris, the Greenstamp Leader, shut out o' the TV debates again. Numbnutses! I reckon they got the wrong fellers callin' the shots on who gets inta these here TV yapfests. The way I hear tell, its sumpin' called the Broadcast Consortium who get t' say who is an' who ain't gonna get a chance to get up on their hind legs an' crow fer the cameras. The Broadcast Distortium is made up of execs an' newsy guys from outta the ranks o' the bigass TV networks. These here network fatcats is tellin' ol' Jimmy Harris an' the Greenies that they don't deserve t' be on the program on accounta they ain't got any remembers o' parliment elected in the House o' the Commonfolks.

One thing really gets my goat is that back in 2000, the Globall-Canwest outfit had ol' Peter Kent, the craggy newsman, sittin' on the Distortium sayin' who could an' who couldn't be on the TV. Then in 2004, ol' Kentfeller turns around an' runs fer Parliment as a Stephen Harpoon Conservative. That right there sez the whole Broadcast Consortium ain't nuthin' but a bunch o' partisan insiders who got the power t' steer public opinions with these here leader debate deals.

Elections Canadee is the outfit that runs the whole ding-dong election t' the tune of some ridiculous number o' millions o' Loonies. Back in 2004, the Green fellers an' gals went out an' brought in the vote an' they got 'bout 4.3% of all o' the votes in Canadee. On accounta the Greens got more'n 2%, they get t' be recognized as a major player an' they get sum dough - like a million bucks - from Elections Canadee. Elections Canadee gets the dough from you an' me, jest like all gummint money comes from you an' me an' also belongs t' you an' me.

Well, I figger if the gummint's spendin' a million o' my bucks on the Greens, the networks gotta duty t' let Canajuns hear the Green guy on his feet an' toe-t'-toe with the other national party leaders.

Sumpin' had me shakin' my noggin was when ol' Harpoon stabbed hisself in the foot with that there self-same sexy marryin' nonsense. I was readin' sumpin' jest the other day where some smart feller asks a bunch o' people what the Conservative Party stands fer. None of 'em knew much what the CPC is fer but they all knew what it's against - selfsame sexy marryin'. That's the onliest thing a lot o' Canajuns know 'bout the Harpoontossers an' most Canajuns is either fer SSM or else they don't give a rat's ass one way or anuther. When StevieBoy jumped all over that dead horse on the very first day campaignin' - whooee! - he give the Grits an' Dips an' Greens an' BlocHeads ammo fer sure.

Looks like the Cons an' the Grits is both tryin' t' grab up the other fellers' platforms. The Grits is all fer lowerin' taxes all of a sudden an' now ol' Harpoon's talkin' 'bout shorter waitin' times fer the healthcare. Wasn't it the same two fellers talkin' vicey-versey back in 2004? Makes ol' JimBobby think o' sumpin' I think the DippyWips say - Liberal, Tory, same old story.

Ol' Happy Jack's lookin' good along side Harpoon an' Fartin' Martin. I seen the Dips got a article up onta their website called sumpin' like Martin Ain't Walkin' the Walk. Sumpin' like that. Well, I ain't too thrilled with Happy Jack an' it concerns walkin' the walk. Back before the 2004 election vote, some reporters asked ol' Laydown what it was gonna take fer him t' prop up a Liberal minority if that's what got elected. Laydown sed there was jest one thing he'd ask for fer sure an' that was puttin' electoral reform onta the front burner. Well, I reckon we all remember when ol' Jackie gave his support t' PollyWolly Fartin' Martin. It was all about goodies an' handouts an' slappin' the bigass bizness wrists by takin' away their tax cuts. What happened t' electoral reform? He had the chance an' Laydown laid down.

I better not ramble on too long or else I might get all worn out on my firstest day back boogin' in a stretch. I ain't too keen on strainin' any o' my finger muscles or my brain, neither.

Yores trooly,

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