Saturday, December 03, 2005

Harpoontossers was on target this week

Whooee! Well, I reckon ol' Stevie Harpoon's bunch was first outta the gate this week and they scored points in the game of polyticks an' electioneerin'. Whoever's doin' all o' the strategic plannin' fer Harper is doin' a heckuva job. An' I don't mean that in a GWB/Mike Brown sorta way.

Looks like you gotta get up pretty early in the mornin' t' get out in front o' the main street media (MSM) fellers an' gals. Harpoon's been tossin' his spear in the AM an' the bigass policy stuff he's spoutin' at breakfast time's gettin' on the noon o'clock news an' six o'clock news, no two ways. I don't go along with much o' Harper's polyticks but I gotta hand it to him fer gettin' the media spotlight shinin' on his pasty face. He's lookin' a lot less starchy this time around, too.

Over onta the Liberals' website, I was readin' 'bout how much they charge the MSM fellers an' gals t' tag along with ol' Pryminister PollyWolly Fartin' Martin. Shee-it! It costs $8,500 a week t' get a seat on the PM's campaign bus or airplane or dog sled. That includes the ride, meals an' a bunk, I reckon. Yeow! I don't reckon there's too many Canajun boogeyshere fellers an' gals who could afford t' take a seat on that greyhound.

Mebbe the Conservatives' hotshot strategists are chargin' less dough than that fer taggin' along with StevieBoy. I see they got ol' Davey Achybrakey Akin ridin' with Harper. Everytime I turn on that CTV NewsNet I see ol' DaveFeller yammerin' on 'bout what Harpoon sed an' all. I ain't seen Davey take any shots at SteveFeller, yet. Like I sed, I reckon young Steve's got a smart campaign goin' on, so far. He ain't give the MSM much t' aim at in the past few days exceptin' that dumbass SSM deal an' even that is startin' t' look like it might not o' been so dumb. I see sum fellers sez ol' Harpoon did that so's he'd get the topic over an done with. Mebbe.

Funny one when ol' Buzz Hargrove give an bigass endorsement t' Fartin' Martin. Whooee! Bet that stung fer ol' Happy Jack. Everybuddy was callin' GoodAle's budget with the amendments "the Buzz Hargrove Budget". Looks like Buzz is payin' PollyBoy back fer doin' his budgetary biddin'. Jest don't let him kiss you on the lips, Mr. Pryminister.

That's all my windbaggery fer t'day.

Yores trooly,

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