Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Air Pollution an' Laffin' Dogs

Whooee! Well, Ol' Spot an' I been traipsin' the field again. What was planted in soybeans last year got planted in corn this year. I sed before cornfields ain't the bestest place fer walkin' the dog on accounta the corn leaves is mighty sharp an' when ol' Spot lights out after a bunny or a dang squirrel, he gets all sliced up. They finally took off the corn an' the stinky swamp's 'bout froze up so the field's lookin' like a good place fer walkin' ol' Spot again.

Nanticoke Stacks

This here pitcher is from the cornfield. I was doin' sum zoomin' with the little camera an' I oughta tell you that the tree was 'bout mebbe a half mile away. The smokestacks is 'bout 12 - 15 miles off, as the crow flies. Them there stacks thatcha see belchin' smoke an' steam is at the Nanticoke Generatin' Station on Lake Erie. From what I hear tell, this here Nanticoke station is the worst o' the worst when it comes t' pollution. They only built it 'bout 35 years ago but the dumbasses built it so's it burns dirty ol' coal fer makin' the hydro.

'Round here there's been sum talk 'bout convertin' the whole ding-dong plant inta a new nuclear powered deal. Shee-it! How much is that gonna cost? I'd rather they covered the whole couple thousand acres that there coal burner's settin' on with windmills. I ain't too keen on havin' a nuke station in my backyard an' I reckon the windmills'd be pumpin' juice back inta the grid a whole heap quicker'n goin' through all o' the rigamarole t' get a nuke station up an' runnin'. I hear ol' Ginty's got his heart set on more nukes, though, an' he gets what he wants mostly so the hell with us peons who gotta walk our dogs in plain sight o' Nanticoke.

Sum folks like t' see pitchers o' dogs an' cats an' other cuddly critters so I'm postin' up this here pitcher o' Ol' Spot. He turned 2 years old on November the 22nd. He's a headstrong little feller but since he turned 2, he's been payin' better attention t' what Ma an' I tell'm. I seen a thing onta the CTV last weekend where they figgered out that dogs can laugh. Hell, I coulda told 'em that. Ol' Spot does a lot o' laffin' when he's chasin' the kitty 'round the house or when he's playin' ball. In this here pitcher, he's carryin' a stick. I do a lot o' stick-throwin' an' he does a lot o' stick-fetchin'.

Spot Carryin' a Stick

Okay, that's all fer now.

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back it, JB. I had stopped visiting for the longest time, but thought I would pop by and see what was up. Lo and behold! New posts! Welcome back.

JimBobby said...

Thankee kindly, Timfeller. I still ain't found too much time fer boogin' but I'm fixin' t' do sum today on this here anti-Merkin thing.

ricky said...

glad you are back and I see Spot is well and happy.

Keep up the work, no more NUKES!