Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Playground on the Rideau

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, it's been more'n ten days since ol' JimBobby posted up a boog story. It ain't on accounta nuthin's been happenin' in the world o' polyticks. Mebbe it's jest that I been so damn disgusted with the whole ding-dong buncha idjits we sent t' Ottywa t' run the country. Shee-it! Them numbnutses is actin' like kindergarten kiddies in the playground. All the namecallin' an' mudslingin' an' parlimentary pickyness an' posturin' jest makes me so damn sad 'bout what's happenin' t' our home an' native land that I don't hardly know what t' say 'bout it.

Ol' Harpoon wanted an election vote. Nevermind that nobuddy else wanted t' go out an' vote jest a year after we voted last time. Nevermind that Polly Wolly Fartin' Martin out-polyticked StevieBoy with his TV show promise t' call an election vote 30 days after Justus Gumper's Choir Show sings its grand finalee. Nevermind that he jest lost the best thing he had goin' fer hisself when it comes t' puttin' on the moderate face in Ontariariario. Nevermind that the CPC an' Bloc combined only got 42% of the popular vote an' the Grits an' DippyWips combined got 52%. It's "Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead." fer the HarpoonTosser.

I reckon I wouldn't mind havin' an election vote this summer but I hear tell most Canajuns ain't too keen on the idee. I reckon democracy is mostly 'bout majority rule an' if the majority o' Canucks wanna wait on Gumper's report, fine by me. The bestest thing 'bout havin' an election vote is I could get in there an' vote fer "None o' the above."

An' what the hell's goin' on with this here Gurmont Grewal remember o' parliment? The day before the budget vote, ol' GreyWall sez the Pryminister's office was offerin' up bigass bribes fer Mr. an' Mrs. GrayWal t' set out the vote. He sez he's got the tapes t' prove the whole sordid mess. That was damn near two weeks ago an' the CPC ain't turned over that there tape or made the whole tape 'vailable t' anybuddy. If it's so damn incriminatin', they oughta let the whole thing out right off the bat. I see ol' Inky Dinky Inkwells is wonderin' what's up with this here tape, too. Polly Wells sez the CPC's actin' like kiddies an' I say he's on the money a hunnert percents worth.

It makes me wonder if the CPC might be usin' all this time t' doctor up them tapes. Either that or mebbe the tapes show jest what sum folks sez - mebbe ol' Grewal was fishin' fer a plum an' used the tape recorder t' lay a trap fer the Grits. Whatever reason the HarpoonTossers got fer holdin' onta them tapes, nobuddy's buyin' anymore. The longer they hold 'em, the worse the Cons is lookin'. Mebbe the whole tape is gonna make them GreyWalleyes look so sick that the CPC hasta toss 'em back inta the lake. Yeow! That'd sure hurt the Big-C's if they was t' lose a coupla more MP's.

I reckon Canajuns jest want grownups t' act like grownups an' t' run the country like we elected 'em t' do. I hate t' hafta admit it but the onliest one lookin' like a grownup lately is ol' HappyJack Laydown. If the Grits an' the Cons don't quit actin' like kiddies in the playground an' start actin' like remembers o' parliment, the DippyWips'll be the bigass winners next time around. Them an' the rotten separatist BlocHeads.

Yores trooly,


Unknown said...

OK is it leagal to record telephone conversations in Canada?? I know in some states you have to have permission from the other parties to record the conversation? Plus I read some of the transcripts. There is no real smoking gun there. If you can't say what the context behind the conversations is then it's meaningless cause who contacted who first?

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Sorry in advance - off topic - JimBobby - you've been tagged:


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