Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dealin' With the Devil

Whooee! These days, when sumbuddy sez sumpin' 'bout a deal with the devil, yer firstest thought is the Grittyfellers dealin' with the Dips or the Dippers dealin' with the Grits. Shee-it! I don't reckon too many Canajuns really think ol' Fartin' Martin or Jack Laydown is devils. That ain't t' say that real devils don't exist an' that deals ain't been made.

I'm talkin' 'bout Karla Homolka.

The dumbasses who made a deal with that murderin' devil is seein' their chickens comin' home t' roost. The willin' accomplice o' Paul Bernardo is set t' get outta jail in a coupla months an' nobuddy seems t' know what t' do about it.

I seen a TV show the other night called Cold Case where they was about t' release a serial killer on accounta he served all the time in his sentence. The smartypants detectives figgered a way t' keep the killer in jail. They found out 'bout a murder he weren't charged with an' got'm on it. Mebbe the coppers could do sumpin' like that with Karla. How 'bout that there Elizabeth Bain case that's lookin' like mebbe it was Bernardo done the killin' an' not the dead gal's boyfriend?

Elsewise, mebbe they could release her t' the Merkins an' they could send her t' Syria fer questionin'.

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...

You're right JB - that is a deal with the devil. And about your proposed solution, I don't understand why they don't charge her in the death of her own sister Tammy. Seems logical...

Len Kutchma said...

I realize that she has done her time and paid her debt and all those other cheesy cliches but there are exceptions to every rule and this is a glaring one. If I had any say in the matter she would never get out. She should be the poster girl for the pro-death penalty crowd. Her very existence is certainly a good argument for the cause.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I jest read in this mornin's paper that she's gonna live in Montreal after she cashes in her get outta jail free card. That there'll be anuther reason fer the parlay-voos t' separate so's they can deport her outta their country. I reckon the death penalty'd be too easy on 'er. Better t' let 'er stew in solitary fer the rest o' her miserable life, sez I.

Sumpin' I seen in the paper, Princess, was they sed the deal took Tammy's killin' inta account. Lord thunderin' Jayzus! The idjits who made that deal musta been as pie-eyed as cows in quicksand.