Friday, February 22, 2008

Warmonger Parties Compromise - More Canadians to Die for Nothing

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, both the Cons and the Grits are up on their hindlegs crowin' about how Parliament works and a great compromise on Afghanistan is proof of it. Both sides are sayin' they gave only a little and both sides are sayin' the other side blinked.

I figger both Dion and Harper compromised for one reason only: to save their political asses. Neither wants to go to the polls over Afghanistan. If Harper forces an election and fails to increase the CPC seat count, he faces a leadership challenge. Dion doesn't want to go to the polls over anything.

This great compromise between the two warmongers means another two years of Canada propping up Karzai's CIA-backed, warlord-ruled Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Two more years of working hand-in-hand with corrupt Afghans who torture some prisoners but release 60%-70% for bribes as low as $20.

Two more years of Canadian deaths and maiming. Two more years of supporting Sharia Law and death penalties to Christian converts and free-speech advocates who dare to question fundamentalist Islam.

So far, we've spent $6,100 million on the military effort. At the same time, we've spent only $741 million on reconstruction. We're informed that about 90% of the reconstruction and aid money is siphoned off to bribes and corruption. Two more years of a lopsided mission where seek-and-destroy takes a front seat to aid-and-rebuild and Afghanistan sinks even lower on the international economic index.

The numbers tell the story:

  • The report calculates that Canada spent $6.1 billion on its military effort in the central Asian country between fiscal 2000-01 and 2006-07.
  • The total financial aid between 2001-02 and 2006-07 was $741 million.
  • The report said Canada's average annual spending is $100 million, although the total jumped to $250 million in 2006-07.
  • There are about 2,500 military personnel deployed in Afghanistan.
  • In comparison, there are 47 civilian government employees assigned to the country: at the embassy in Kabul, at Kandahar Airfield and in the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) office in Kandahar City.
  • Of the 335 PRT team members, 315 are military personnel.
    (Source -
The war is unwinnable. The writing has been on the wall for decades, if not centuries. Afghanistan cannot be conquered by an invading army. We are throwing away the lives of our dedicated soldiers.

And now, we're going to throw away more of those lives for another two years.

For nothing more than to prevent an unwanted and unwinnable election, the Grits and Cons have ganged up to force and unwanted and unwinnable war on Canadians. Neither party deserves any credit. Both deserve only blame and scorn.



leftdog said...

"For nothing more than to prevent an unwanted and unwinnable election, the Grits and Cons have ganged up to force and unwanted and unwinnable war on Canadians. Neither party deserves any credit. Both deserve only blame and scorn."

Bravo! - Well said!

Art Hornbie said...

There was never a good reason to occupy Afghanistan. And there still is not.

The insanity that overwhelms a country, Canada, in the deployment of military persuasion shows how value challenged we truly have become.

There is nothing to be gained there militarily. Much could have been gained elsewhere. A sorry waste this is.

Bring them home, now.

Anonymous said...

The only compromizes made were in regards to

1. the safety of our soldiers,

2. the ideals that Canadians only take part in justified wars and do good in the world

3. our beliefs that we had an independant foreign policy

My comment on the whole issue, if these people wanted good gov, peace and democracy they need to fight for it. In 6 years of war Canada with a population of 12 million enlisted 1.1 million by 1945.

Afghanistan has 30 million and has only 57,000 men in arms. If they wanted it, they'd fight for it. They don't want it, we can't make them want it,let them rot!

The Mound of Sound said...

JB, it's the choir calling. Good preaching, loved it. Curious that the only debate going on is among ourselves. At least that's something - I guess.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow. Define win please... Define losing.

We and the Government of Afghanistan hold the key terrain (any where where people live). Have freedom of movement. And suffer very low casualties in comparison to the enemy. The insurgents have none of that.

The only Coalition Forces casualties the insurgents have inflicted in the past 2 years now, have been by way of different types of IED devices (ALL of which have produced civilian casualties as well).

They suffer extremely high casualty and desertion rates. They have not held any ground they have "taken". They can not move in the open. And they do not have the support of the people (something about getting a 12 yr old to cut the head off of a living human being, and murdering 130+ people in two days last week).

Somehow clowns like you say we are losing... You clowns make me smile, were it not for the tragedy you would heap on the Afghan people, I would laugh at you. I suppose you are right though... When you douche bags say it enough, people will start to beleive your lies, and the Afghan people will lose.