Friday, February 01, 2008

Wall Street Journal Links to JimBobby Sez

Whooee! I was lookin' at my Sitemeter stats just now and I see that I got a link from the Wall Street Journal. A feller by the name of Khaled Hosseini wrote a WSJ article on the Afghani journalist who's been sentenced to death for humiliating Islam. Thankee kindly fer the link up, Khaled.

I reckon I'll be gettin' a few more Merkan visitors than usual. Welcome to my little piece o' the Canajun boogeysphere, Merkan readers. While yer here in Canada, why not drop over to Pergressive Boogers and see what the left side's spoutin' off on today.

I need to go out now an' shovel some dang snow but I can't seem to get my hat to fit my big head.


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Anonymous said...

My financial page got the same knid of link 2 weeks ago, eventually they cycle off to some other blog but 200 hints in 2 hours was a real eye popper when I checked the stats.
It appears they've subscribed to a service that supplies links to relevant blogs, Too bad the Globe or STar would not add such a feature it could really drive exposure for Canadian blogs.

I don't know if these have a lasting impact but my hits have been higher this last month, but it could just be that I've been right about gold and silver pricing and growing public awarness is doing all the work, it sure as hell can't be my writing;)