Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winning Issues for a Spring Election


Well friends an' foes, I was yammerin' in a comments' section gabfest over to Scotty's boog and a feller commentin' as "Jim" left this choice morsel:

Jim Says:
January 26th, 2008 at 8:14 am

Yes Liberal MP’s, call an election on the issue of Muslim prisoners that try to torture, blow up and murder our troops. It is such a winning issue to go on.

Please do it, and do it now!
Pay attention to how he refers to the enemy as Muslim. When Elizabeth May pointed out that the Taliban uses the "Christian/Crusader" invasion as a method to bolster recruiting, that message is spun and deliberately misinterpreted. Ms. May was entirely correct that the optics of a North American Christian army is playing into the hands of the Taliban. As usual, the CPC chose to play politics with Canadian soldiers lives and decided to ridicule a suggestion that one of NATO's tactics might play into the hands of the enemy.

Meanwhile, we have dozens of BT's and commenters like Jim characterizing the enemy as Muslims and drooling at the prospect of their torture.

News flash, Jim: Canadians don't want our brave dedicated men and women in the Forces to be ordered to violate the Geneva Conventions. Canadians want to be proud of our good soldiers. Canadians want to help Afghani Muslims build a peaceful society. Canadians do not defend or relish the idea that our allies are torturing the prisoners we hand over to them.

I've been hoping we get a chance to tell Harper and his gang of muzzled ministers just what we think of their government. I've expressed disappointment at Stephane Dion's failure to allow his caucus to bring down the worst government in Canadian history. So, while I find Jim's comment offensive and counterproductive to our mission in Afghanistan, I do agree with one part of it.

Here's how I responded over at Scott's DiaTribes.
I hope Dion grows a pair and we go to the polls.

  • A PM that continually lies to Canadians and to Parliament is a winning issue to go on.

  • Ministerial incompetence in multiple ministries is a winning issue to go on.

  • Embarrassment of Canada on the world stage is a winning issue to go on.

  • Canada blindly propping up the corrupt, warlord-ruled, narco-state known officially as The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a winning issue to go on.

  • The wedge-driving, divisive, region-versus-region tactics of the current government is a winning issue to go on.

  • The mismanagement of the economy and failure to reduce personal income tax while doling out billions to the tar sand developers is a winning issue to go on.

  • The reneging of the Atlantic Accords is a winning issue to go on.

  • The lack of accountability and transparency from a government that was elected on just those issues is a winning issue to go on.

  • The failure to make any improvements in healthcare waiting times is a winning issue to go on.

  • The lockstep march with George W. Bush and the secret SPP talks aimed at eliminating Canadian sovereignty with a North American Union is a winning issue to go on.

  • The lip service and inaction on the environment is a winning issue to go on.

  • The failure of Canada to comply with the Geneva Conventions is a winning issue to go on.

  • The blatant racism of CPC supporters who refer to the enemy as Muslims while deriding anyone who says the enemy is framing this as a holy war is a winning issue to go on.
How many more winning issues does Dion need before he does the right thing?

Change the climate in Parliament. Vote Green.
Let's put an end to this. Soon.



Anonymous said...

Good list. I notice the Liberal Party website has just put up its own list under "Liberals mark two years of Conservative mismanagement and broken promises" too. I hope that is a sign they are getting ready for an election.

The Mound of Sound said...

Great post JB. Loved it. Now, if you can explain it to Stephane...

JimBobby said...

"Now, if you can explain it to Stephane..."

Sounds like he might be catchin' on. I ain't on speakin' terms with M. Dion but I know a gal who is. Maybe I can ask Lizzie May to light a fire under him. According to the CPC, Lizzie and Stephane are Siamese twins and I know Lizzie's ready to roll.

Petey MacKay's right in the thick of this here detainee schmozzle an' I even seen a Con commentin' that Potato Pete's headed fer a loss.


Anonymous said...


You've got thirteen, can you expand that to one hundred?

One hundred prepositions for one hundred days in a Liberal-Green coalition government.

"How many more winning issues does Dion need before he does the right thing?"

A lot more, I'm afraid. Some of this do not complement a certain minority of our party.

Still, good effort. Turn these issues into solid policies and Dion will catch on.

JimBobby said...

Thankee fer droppin' by, Mushroom.

Policies? Policies? You want policies? I'll show you policies.

There's at least 100 in here.

Us Greens is runnin' against the Liberals in 307 ridings. We're gonna win in some of 'em. Dion can take all he wants from GPC policies, as far as I'm concerned. As long as good, effective (g)Green policies are implemented, I'm happy. Well, as happy as a grumpy old fart can get, anyways.


Militant Dipper said...

Great stuff as always JimBobby. I think there are alot of Liberals ready to pull the plug and go to the polls. I know I am. As you and Scott pointed out , conditions are very good for a spring election. A couple of real good polls should be enough for Stephane Dion to decide it is time to go. Ps nothing would be cooler then Lizzie May winning in Central Nova.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives have certainly been doin their part to give you the election you want. Does Harper have to walk across the aisle and slap Dion in the face with a glove while challenging him to any election duel? Even then, I'm sure the Liberals would find some lame excuse to sit on their hands. Maybe Dion can call for a vote of no confidence in the government so the Liberals can vote against it. What a gang of losers.

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