Thursday, January 31, 2008

MacKay Knew of Abuse, Lied to Parliament

Whooee! I was just readin' a story in the Globe where Petey MacKay sez he was in the loop on the cessation of detainees transfers from the get-go. He was apprised of the incontrovertible evidence and the change of policy on November 6.

But on November 22*, Peter MacKay responded in the House to a question from Denis Coderre about handing over juvenile detainees. Here's what MacKay said two weeks after proof of torture had been found and the transfers had been stopped.
"Mr. Speaker, first let me say that the Canadian military, in fact all Canadians in Afghanistan are certainly meeting all their international obligations.

There has not been one single, solitary proven allegation of abuse of detainees, let alone juvenile detainees in Afghanistan.

The member likes to extrapolate on evidence. He has not been able to produce one solitary example. Rather than producing hogwash and hornswoggle, maybe he can bring some cold, hard facts instead of this torqued rhetoric."
(Hansard, November 22*, 2007)

There it is. Peter MacKay is on record lying to Parliament. There was at least one proven allegation, one solitary example. He knew about it and he knew that it had triggered a change in policy. He simply lied and then went on to embellish the lie with a personal attack on Coderre.

MacKay must be called to account for this lie.

*UPDATE: I had the date wrong. I originally said MacKay lied on November 21. It was actually on November 22. I've corrected the post.



Anonymous said...

Now if we can make Central Nova care he lied we'll have ourselves a good election.

JimBobby said...

I ain't so sure his golden boy status is holdin' firm in CN. The Atlantic Accords, the Bill Casey affair, untendered military contracts going to TROC, the Karlheinz Schreiber family connection and now he's tripping over his own lies.

Lizzie May's chances keep gettin' better.


That guy said...

Well, well, well. Busted.

Red Tory said...

Not a surprise in the least, but I suspect most people simply don’t care.