Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Waitin' fer the Dust t' Settle

Whooee! Well friends, it's been a whole week since Stevie Harpoon and his gang o' HarpoonTossers got elected t' lead our home an' native land. I sed before that I ain't afraid o' the HarpoonTossers. They only got a minority an' all o' the opposin' parties is more socially pergressive than the Cons.

Sure, they'll huff an' puff an' mebbe even have a free vote on selfsame sexy marryin' but they can't win an' all they'll do by tryin' is show everybuddy that they don't mind wastin' valuable legislative time dredgin' up stuff that's already been decided. Shee-it! It shouldn't never o' taken so long last year. Why the Jeezuz would anybuddy wanna go through that again?

I gotta kick outta Stevie when he went after that numbnuts Davy Wilkins the Merkin Ambassador. Stevie's got hisself a fine line t' walk. He campaigned on bein' buddy-buddy with the Merkins an' he's already been yammerin' on the phone with BushFeller an' they sez they're gonna get along better'n BushBoy did with Polly Wolly Fartin' Martin. Mebbe tellin' the Merkins t' steer clear o' Canadee's sovereign arctic waters ain't gonna go over too shit hot down in Washington. Guess we'll see.

I'm hopin' the HarpoonTosser can deliver on that there softwood 2x4 dealie. Bush might at least lissen t' sumbuddy who's wearin' a conservative name tag. Jest by bein' a Liberal, Martin din't stand a chance o' gettin' anywhere in BushLand.

I reckon Stevie'll be put t' the test on this here mad cow thingy, too.

I'm glad t' see the crooked Liberals get slapped down a little an' sent off t' cool their heels in the polytickle wilderness. The big question folks is askin' is who's gonna take over from the ditherin' idjit. Now that ol' Frankie McKenna sez he's out, it's anybuddy's guess. Sum pundidiots sez B-Linda's gotta chance. Bullshit, sez I. Mebbe in 5 or 10 years. Mebbe. The Newfie Brian Tobin might get in.

Ol' Justus Gomery's comin' out with his report tomorrow from what I hear tell. Here's what I'm wonderin'. If Harpoon an' Laydown an' the CheeseHat woulda waited until the day after tomorrow t' bring down the house, what would the seat count look like? I reckon they had a premature evacuation o' the house last November. I betcha if they'd o' waited the Tosser's team coulda pulled off a majority. I ain't sayin' that's what I'd o' wanted but only that the opposition went off too soon.

Anyways, I reckon we gotta give the HarpoonTossers a chance. What choice do we got? If they do good, mebbe they'll get a majority next time. If they don't get the 2x4's an' mad cows straightened out an' the Canajun economy goes down the pooper, they'll get their sorryasses turfed out.

All my kiddies is over 6 an' Ma an' I are feelin' left out in the beer an' popcorn allowance money department. I reckon $200 a month ain't too bad. Fer that kinda dough, I could buy me a used minnyvan. A minnyvan'll hold 'bout 8 kiddies. Strap 'em in, lock it up an' yer daycare worries is over. If yer livin' anywheres 'cept Ontariariario, you can tie a pitbull up t' the minnyvan fer security.

Yores trooly,


Clearcut Blogging said...

I kin agree with ya, JimBobby. We gotta wait fer the Harpoon dust ta settle. What's puttin' my eyes crooked is that the Nashnel Poster is sayin' that Harpoon don't give a rat's *ss about no sin-sex marriage an' abortion. Which makes no sinse ta me, but I figger he went in fer it all fer the sake o' the pardy and fer the sake o' unity.

Unity, haha. That there's a funny one. Wait'll he takes them ideas to the House!

Them Torries are reglar commediens!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I like yer way o' writin', ClearFeller. I reckon Harpoon seen that he done better when he din't get up on his own hind legs 'bout these here social issues. He's got the extremists t' do all the agitatin' an' he can jest hold the free votes. I jest seen sumpin' not too good that sed there's only but 153 new MPs who's a hunnert percent ready t' vote fer keepin' the selfsame sexy marryin' law. There's a 130sumpin' who's against an' 'bout 19 blowin' in the wind.
Mebbe we gotta start in t' worryin'.