Monday, January 23, 2006

Election Day an' I'm Votin' Green

Whooee! Well friends, I been fallin' down on the bloggin' job an' I ain't got much excuse. Alls I'm doin' now is tellin' everybuddy where ol' JimBobby intends t' mark an X when I go over t' the Lions Club tonight an' cast my ballot.

I'm votin' fer the gal who's runnin' fer the Greens. She ain't gotta snowball's chance in hell o' winnin'. That's the selfsame story with most o' the Greenies though I did hear tell that there's a coupla ridin's where they got haff a chance. The GreenFeller who's runnin' up in Ottywa where ol' EdFeller Broadbent jest retired figgers he might get hisself elected. There's anuther Greenie out in BC who they sez has a chance, too. I ain't holdin' my breath. This here firstest-past-the-post setup we got is all good fer regional outfits like the separatist BlocHeads an' the HarpoonTossers but it don't work too shit hot fer parties like the Greens.

There's a good feller runnin' fer the Greens out in Alberty who calls hisself the Herbinator. Ol' Herbie posted up sum good reasons fer votin' Green an' I'm copyin' 'em here:

Top 10 Reasons to Vote Green on Monday
  1. I want to feel good about my vote. I want to vote for someone, not against someone.
  2. The Green Party has the best platform. The Green Party platform has earned positive reviews in the media, has done well under analysis by non-partisan organizations.
  3. My great grandchildren will be proud of me. I want them to have a sustainable future, a green economy, and better democracy.
  4. I want my vote to have an impact on the legislative agenda of the next parliament. MPs will spend the next session trying to look good for the next election, so they will be looking at who they lost votes to. Vote Green and Green priorities will set the agenda.
  5. People are saying good things about the Green Party.
  6. I am nobody's fool. I refuse to let Martin, Harper, Layton or Duceppe think he can scare me into "strategically" voting for him just for not being the worst among them.
  7. Green Parties around the world get elected, govern countries, and make the world a better place.
  8. Whoever I vote for will get $ 1.75 in public funding, per vote, per year. I feel good about the Green Party putting it to good use defending my values.
  9. I am socially progressive, fiscally responsible, and committed to environmental sustainability - just like the Green Party.
  10. One hundred and thirty nine years of Liberal and Conservative governments. Albert Einstein said it best: "The significant problems of our time are not going to be solved by the same level of thinking that got us into them."

Alls I can say is I ain't gonna be too worried if the HarpoonTossers get in with a minority. If they was t' get a majority, I s'pose I'd fret sum. Shee-it! with a majority, we'd be stuck with 'em fer 5 years, mebbe.

It's sure as hell lookin' like the sun'll come up tomorrow on a Pryminister Stevie Harpoon. The main part t' keep in mind is that the sun'll still come up. It ain't gonna be the end o' the world. Leastwise, I'm purty sure it ain't.

Yores trooly,


Art Hornbie said...

Thanks for the vote there, JBs. We are a force, like garlic, and with every bite green oozes out from the sweat of every other party. Next election they'll literally stink with green. But who ya gunna believe is really capable of walkin the talk? And protecting it?

CQ said...

Bloc - 10.5% popular vote, 51 seats won.
Green - 4.5% popular vote, 0 seats.
_Still a very good showing considering the battled "change in the air".