Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Job fer PersuaderMan

Whooee! Speakin' o' jobs fer PersuaderMan, I reckon he could persuade ol' Dubya what's what in the priorities department. Everybuddy knows natural disasters hurt an' kill more Merkins than terrists ever done. So why's GWB an' crew spendin' all o' the Merkin's tax money on fightin' terrism an' cuttin' back on dealin' with real life stuff that they can count on happenin' year in an' year out?

It's lookin' more'n'more like the poor black folks in the Merkin southland is gettin' hung out t' dry. BillFeller Doskoch pointed t' where a bigass rap singer name o' Kanye West sed on the TV that BushFeller don't give a rat's ass 'bout the poor folks who's dyin' from thirst an' disease. The story's also 'bout how the mainstreet media (MSM) censors what we get t' see an' hear. Makes me wonder how many other anti-Bush things get filtered out by the fatcats at CNN an' MSNBC an' all.

There's plenty o' other fingers pointin' at BushMan an' the War on Terror takin' a toll on the FEMA budget an' Merkins' ability t' deal with disasters back home when they got so many army men an' so much special equipment off in Iraq.

I reckon it's the job o' gummint t' look after the cityzens. Protectin' Merkins from imaginary WMD's is one small part o' that job. Protectin' against things like forest fires an' mudslides an' tornadoes an' hurricanes an' floods oughta be a big part o' what gummints are there fer. If they don't look after their cityzens when they know damn well some disasters is comin' their way, what the hell good are they?

Yores trooly,


bijoux55 said...

Have you made a charitable donation to the red cross. If not shut your laptop and go home. BTW Michael Moore and Kanye West are dead bang right. Just ask the dead granny still lying in her wheel chair being eaten by rats. Somebody is going to prison over the breach of those levees. If there is justice in this world. George Bush is lazy, stupid and evil as are those who still support him.

VW said...

Thing ta 'member, JimBoy, there ain't just Dubya lookin' after Nawlins.

First off, there's this feller name'a Nagin, what got elected mayor o'the town. Ya know, the big guy officially in charge of the place. Now, ya'd figger what widall the weather channels screamin' Katrina's comin,' ya'd think the Boss'd be tryin' ta git ev'ry ass outta town. But no, he didn't. Not all his fault though; 'parently the last guy quit cuz he cudn't get the local cops ta do things cops're supposed ta do--y'know, stuff like law 'n' order?

An'then there's this lady name'a Blanko, who's the guvner o'Lewheezy-anna what this Nawlins sits in. She's in charge 'a all dem National Guardians what make up the army reserves; some are in Iraq, but the rest are still there. Anyhoo she did give an order to mobilize, but she's gotta wait fer the Mayor -- y'know, the Nag feller -- to give everyone the OK to come in. Thing is, she didn't get the OK 'til all hell breaks loose, cuz the Mayor was yellin' for Bush to give the order, an' things don't work that way.

So shore, ol' W can do the Truman Show thing an' say "The buck stops here." Thing is, it shuddn'ta got past Mayor Nag, an' I get the feelin' the ol'boy's got some 'splainin' ta do.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Bijoux, I'll make my donations where I please, thankee. The Red Cross is one place t' donate. There's sum others, too. Fer my money, the red cross is a bit top-heavy, loaded with bureaucrats an' don't have a long enuff arm's length distance from gummint.

Now, VW, you done a good job with the dialect but there's a thing you need t' remember, too. These here local yokels like Nagin an' Blanko get their fundin' from the federal gummint. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is the bigass outfit the federal gummint set up fer dealing with disasters.

Here's a little tidbit from
President Bush has diverted funds that were needed to prepare for this type of natural disaster to fund a war of conquest in Iraq. He did this despite being warned of the potential for danger by FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) as early as 2001. The Houston Chronicle reported on Dec. 1, 2001: “New Orleans is sinking. And its main buffer from a hurricane, the protective Mississippi River delta, is quickly eroding away, leaving the historic city perilously close to disaster. ...So vulnerable, in fact, that earlier this year the Federal Emergency Management Agency ranked the potential damage to New Orleans as among the three likeliest, most catastrophic disasters facing this country.”

Here's sumpin' from outta the Kansas City Star
The Federal Emergency Management Agency, once a powerful independent agency focused solely on responding to earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters that occur on average about four times a month, was placed within the huge Department of Homeland Security after the terrorist attacks. That department sends $1.1 billion each year to states to combat terrorism, but just $180 million to help prepare for disasters such as Katrina.

“There are no emergency managers at any level in the Department of Homeland Security. It’s all law enforcement,” said George Haddow, former FEMA deputy chief of staff. “It doesn’t look like anyone’s in charge to me because the system has been deconstructed.”

The Miami Herald sez:
The chaotic government response to Hurricane Katrina, which even President Bush said was ''not acceptable,'' was the inevitable result of federal policies emphasizing protection from terrorist attacks at the expense of preparing for far more common natural disasters, state emergency officials and other experts said Friday.

I'm stickin' t' my guns. The job o' gummint is t' look after the cityzens. Bushfeller an' a whole bunch o' other numbnutses dropped the ball. Natural disaters kill an' injure way more Merkins than terrists an' they're not spendin' the peoples' tax money on lookin' after the people. Their spendin' it on Hallyburton an' a dumbass Iraq war that was sold t' the Merkin people with a pack o' WMD lies.

Like Bijoux sez, sumbuddy's gotta go t' the hoose-cow fer the needless death an' destruction.

Yores trooly,

Zorpheous said...


As PersuaderMan, you need the all new and improved POV Gun. That's a "Point of View" Gun. Point at your target, pull the trigger and instantly your opponent sees, understands and supports your Point of View. Only on small fraw back, it does work on woman.