Friday, February 25, 2005

Ol' Pierre Berton Rollin' a Doobie

Whooee! I musta missed Rick Mercer's Monday Report when he had ol' Pierre Berton on. Ol' Pierre done is best t' show everbuddy jest how t' roll a proper joint. I only jest now come across this here Quicktime Movie an' it's good fer a laff or two.

Click t' watch ol' Pierre give joint-rollin' instructions.
Yores trooly,


Mark Francis said...

Ya, saw that a few months ago.

Hilarious! Canadian icon smokes up!


Not that I do, mind ya. Nope. Never ever done that. Never had a drink of rye or a beer either.

And I'm still a virgin. Just ignore those kids behind me. And my wife....

nBob said...

I listened to an interview of someone from the show (I think it might have been RM himself) who said they phoned up Berton to see if he'd do it. He said yes, but CBC had to bring the pot. After the shoot they were packing up and one of the crew went to get the baggie. "no no sonny" sez Berton,"leave the weed!"

I 'd heard about that but missed the show and have never seen more than a snippet. Thanks JimBobby.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer leavin' yer two penniesworth, fellers. I spose I'd call that there video movie an' oldie but a goodie. I knew it was old on accounta ol' Pierre started in on his new job playin' harp up in the clouds awhile back. He was an old-timer so I ain't thinkin' it was dope-smokin' done'm in. I like that story 'bout ol' Bertie makin'm leave the weed behind.

I seen a little piece onta the Peter Jennings TV News Show where they gotta tape o' ol' Dubya an' he sez he smoked hisself sum reefer, too. Now, he sez it ain't good fer anybuddy t' know that on accounta they's gonna wanna do the selfsame thing. Nobuddy seems too hot'n bothered bout Dubya puffin' on doobies when he was a young feller an' mebbe that's a good sign o' happy days comin'.

Yores trooly,

Mark Francis said...

There's a large list of big sinning that Dubya's done.

Kim said...

I happened to see that episode, it was hilarious. If I'm not mistaken, he died a short time later. Rick Mercer and his show are a hoot!