Friday, December 21, 2007

Environment is My Voting Issue Facebook Group

Whooee! I just went from DeSmogBlog to Facebook and joined this new group -- Environment is My Voting Issue in Canada. After I joined up, I went to see who else had joined. There at the top of the page, were three amigos from the Pergressive Boogers -- Scotty Tribe, Saskboy and yers truly.

Scotty's a Grit and Sasky an' me are both Greenies. I'm hopin' Scotty'll throw in with our merry band of treehuggers. He keeps pushin' GPC policy and practices and now he's sayin' ol' Mother Earth is his voting issue. Might as well get outta the fryin' pan and into the fire, Scotty. :-)



Jim (Progressive Right) said...

You know, it's funny who might end up being a treehugger, you know?

Anonymous said...

face book won't let me sign up as my alias, Assassin is apparently a problem.

Anonymous said...

Harper's in the mainstream on the environment. Clinton, Kerry and the Labour governments in Britain and Australia and Harper are all on the same page.

Too bad the Liberals have left the western consensus on this issue. Dion's a freak leading a freakshow.