Thursday, July 12, 2007

SPP Challenge - Blogosphere-Meatspace Crossover Poll

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, ol' JB's chewin' nails an' fartin' tacks. I been readin' about how the RCMP, Surete Q-Beck an', get this, the US Army stopped the Council of Canadians from holding an informational meeting regarding the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

While I was postin' a comment over to Stageleft, I got thinkin' about how SPP has been flyin' under the radar. I got a boogin' poll that might help bring this festerin' boil to a head.

Here's how the poll works -
  1. Read up on SPP. Here, too.
  2. Over a few days, ask as many people as you can if they've ever heard of SPP or the Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America.
  3. Keep track of the percentage or fraction of those who got a clue an' those who ain't.
  4. Publish the results on yer boog.

Pretty easy, sez I.

If enough people do it, we could get a good idea of just how far under the radar SPP is flyin'.

I'm plannin' on askin' people startin' today and endin' on Sunday. I'll be goin' to some o' the Friday the 13th festivities over in Port Dover this weekend so I'll see more folks than on a usual weekend. I ain't sure I'll be askin' too many Hell's Angels about deep integration, though.

If yer interested in takin' part an' you let me know, I'll update this here post with a link to yer boog. I'll try to do some sorta tabulation of the combined results... or else, I'll find somebuddy who likes that sorta number crunchin'. Dang! This is startin' to sound like work.


UPDATE: Erik's on board. Sounds like Red Tory and Stageleft are, too. And Woman at Mile 0. Whooee! More pollsters - Green Assassin Brigade, skdadl at POGGE and AnnaMarie at Verbena-19.


Erik Abbink said...

Count me in! I'm making copies of this document to hand out as well.


Red Tory said...

The only downside is having to explain it to people when they look at you funny with a puzzled look on their face.

Red Tory said...

Ah, I see Erik is ahead of the game on that one... Good idea!

stageleft said...

Good Idea JB, count me in.

PS: That Friday gig sounds like fun, too bad it's so far away - is you one of them thar bik'en boogers?

JimBobby said...

Thankee fer chimin' in, fellers.

A few years ago, I became interested in blogs. I conducted a personal experiment and asked about everyone I knew if they'd ever heard of a "blog". Very few, less than one in ten, had.

The really interesting part is that over the ensuing weeks and months, those same people would tell me when they read something about blogs or blogging. My simple "have you ever heard of..." question tweaked their antennae. Part of my motivation here is to tweak some antennae wrt SPP.

Yes, Erik, having a little handout would be helpful. Good idea. Something I've found useful, too, is to print up business cards with URL's of info sites. Cheap when you do it on the inkjet with biz card stock. You can even print on both sides.


JimBobby said...

"(I)s you one of them thar bik'en boogers?"

Naw. Too old an' chickenshit fer bikin' anymore. I'm content to admire the Harleys an' halter tops.

I play cordeen in a little band. We're playin' in Dover on the weekend. Steppenwolf's playing Friday night but, thankfully, we ain't goin' on until Sunday.


stageleft said...

pft... yer never too old fer bik'en jimbobby. I live for the warm days of summer when I can get out on the bike and start running the roads.

spiffy said...

You can count me in, thanks for the
invite. Yes many people do not know what the SPP is, just like most people in Sask. didn't know what TILMA(trade,investment,labour mobility agreement)was either until the labour movement started educating the public and speaking out about TILMA.

JimBobby said...

Okay, Spiff. Glad yer on board. You got a boog? If not, just report back here next week with yer personal pollin' figgers.

Green Assassin Brigade said...

I'll do some asking, I just have to avoid those I've all ready lectured to ,as that would mess with the results.

The Green Parties FAQ on SSP is quite a good resource as well

Thanks for the earlier visit.

Annamarie said...

Count me in too, JimBobby! And thanks for taking up the initiative and all your support, as always. You're truly amazing.

btw, I love those Harleys meself -- used to ride on back in my younger days... lots of fun on nice sunny days... oh well... ;)


skdadl said...

This means I have to talk to people? I have to go outside and find some people to talk to? JimBobby: this is uncharted territoire pour moi.

But I'll give it a try. Maybe I'll send out mass emails.

JimBobby said...

Good to see we're gettin' some pollsters.

SkdaddlerGal, I feel yer pain. I don't get out too much, neither. If yer in the grocery store, just ask the checkout gal if she's ever heard o' SPP. If she sez she thinks it's in Aisle 12 next to the CLR, take that as a "No."

AnnieMarie, I don't reckon this poll's gonna be very scientific but it might get people perkin' up their ears when they hear SPP. Amazin'? Aw, shucks, ma'am.

GABfeller, thankee fer that link to the Head Office. ;-) I fergit to link to the GPC often enough.


Annamarie said...

P.S. btw Erik, thanks for the pdf link to Maude Barlow's May 1, 2007 document presentation on the SPP. I've printed out copies and will be printing more tomorrow to hand out during my polling/talking.

Keep up the good work, all, and cheers,
Verbena-19 :)

Jeremiah said...

Great post and great idea. I've got my clipboard ready.

Green Assassin Brigade said...

I have added my post tabulationg my weekend poll numbers,

eeek !!!!!!!!!!!!
damn disapointing!!

Anonymous said...

I never thought I could agree with a feminist on anyhting.
Maude Barlow is leading Mel Hurtig's Council of Canadians bravely and I do wish her and her supporters the very best.
80% of Canadians wanted Trudeau to fix the problem of foreign ownership before it was to late. Pierre did nothing and Mulroney put the nail in the coffin.
Good Luck!

spiffy said...

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner re: SPP Poll. I am on holidays and have not had much chance to ask, but so far all 10 people I have asked have not heard of the SPP. I have also sent out an e- mail poll so will let you know the results next week. I will also try to ask around some more.

spiffy said...

SPP poll e- mail results - 8 replies- only 2 people had heard the name but did not know what it stood for, these people were 2 very social/labour activists. Interesting was that one other person who is a strong labour and social justice advocate had never heard of the SPP!
6 more verbal contacts had no idea what SPP was.

JimBobby said...

Thankee fer that, Spiff. As poor as yer results were, they were better than any others I got. Still, it's quite a shame when reasonably well-informed people don't have any idea this is happening.

I was talkin' to a gal the other day regardin' some political-environmental action we're workin' on together. She's up on lotsa stuff an' she never heard of SPP until last Friday when we was talkin'.

Ol' Lou Dobbs has been stirrin' the pot from his right of centre Merkan viewpoint. He's all riled up against it an' maybe that'll get more Merkans settin' up and takin' notice.