Monday, October 16, 2006

Sugar Bob Rae vs. King Steve Harper

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I reckon I'll make my prediction on who's gonna win this here horse race fer Grit Boss. I figger Bobby Rae's the one'll come out on top. He'll end up beholden t' sum ABI king makers, though. I seen a 'pinion poll sez Rae's the favourite among Canajun folks but not delegates -- so far.

Iggy's too eggheaded t' win. Sum numbnutses don't care if a leader's right or wrong jest so long as they're decisive. Lookit the Merkins. Ig's a flip-flopper. I still ain't sure if he's backed away from sayin' the Iraq invasion was a good idea. Kofi Annan sed it was a crime against international law. How's Iggy square with that? His ideas 'bout torture make me queasy, too. He ain't liberal enuff t' lead the Liberals, sez I.

Here in Ontariariario, folks don't like Rae much and that'll help Harpoon in the next election, no two ways. Rae can probbly spin the history o' when he ruled the roost in Ontariariario an' he's flyin' the Liberal banner, now, instead o' the DippyWip flag. That'll help sum.

When Bobby Rae was premier, he was hit with sum bad economic times an' they weren't all his fault since the whole world was havin' the selfsame sorta troublems an' Noo York City even almost went tits-up. Bobby lost the support o' the namby-pambiest of all o' the damn unions -- the teachers union. When he asked them layabouts t' work one day a month fer no pay, they turned on 'im like a pack o' wild dogs. It's all on accounta them teachers we got saddled with Mike the Knife an' that greaseball Ernie.

I reckon the good news fer the Cons in Ontariariario is gonna be balanced out by the bad news in Q-beck an' mebbe in Newfie, too. Then again, Bobby's the boy fer keepin' the Jewish vote an' also fer gettin' the anti-war vote. There's plenty o' them type voters in Ontariariario, so mebbe it won't be so great fer the HarpoonTossers.

Yores trooly,

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