Monday, April 17, 2006

Steve From The West - (Song, MP3 audio-boog)

Whooee! Well friends, it's been ages since I done any boogin'. I ain't got any good excuse 'cept fer plain ol' laziness. I'm hopin' t' make up fer my lack o' boog stories lately with a little song I recorded all 'bout our bran' new Pryminister Stevie Harpoon. You can download the MP3 audio boog if you jest click here.

Steve From The West

Didya ever hear tell of ol' Steve from the west,
Who thought the Conservative Party was best?
He won the election with jest enuff seats,
An' the crooked ol' Lib'ruls went down to defeat.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

Ol' Steve sed he never would do stuff like them,
Now that he's got the initials, "P.M."
Make the gummint accountable, that's what he'll do,
But I'm won'drin' who it's accountable to.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

The voters don't matter in Emerson's case,
He ran fer the Lib'ruls an' he won his race.
To the shock o' the voters, t' the Tories he switched.
Now, the winners is losers, thanks t' that sunnobitch.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

Ol' Steve was a-stumpin' on Senate reform,
An unelected upper house jest ain't the norm.
As soon as he's bossman, t' the voters' dismay,
Harpoon made a Senator outta Michael Fortier.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

Now Steve's in the engine and not the caboose,
But wouldn'tcha know, he's got an excuse,
If he don't get it done, then it's easy t' see,
The blame's on the voters fer the minority.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

Ol' Stevie went over t' the Merkin side,
Where he an' the Bushman went on a horse ride.
Stevie got tips on supportin' the troops,
An' Georgie got someone t' buy his horse poop.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

I hear we got troublems with another mad cow,
Steve's friendship with George'll be tested now.
Can Steve sell our cattle an' spruce two-by-fours,
Or do we keep on knock-knockin' on Georgie-boy's door?

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

We also got troublems with crime an' with guns,
Steve sez he'll get tuff an' the bad guys should run.
The shoot-em-up bad boys face incarceration,
An' to show 'em he means it, he scraps gun registration.

Well fellers an' gals, that's the end o' my song.
I hope you enjoyed it. It didn't last long.
In this here democracy, we deserve what we git,
Horsepuckey, polyticks an' plain ol' bullshit.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

Once again, fellers an' gals, click right here t' getcherself an earful o' JimBobby.

Yores trooly,


Balbulican said...

Great lyrics. But you gotta cut down on the helium before the recording sessions, buddy.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee kindly, Balbu. Helium ain't exactly why I sound the way I do. I gotta maintain my secret superbooger identity an' so I do sum sound proccessing in a sound editing program. Mainly, I apply the custom-set JimBobby vibrato t' the raw recordin'. That always shortens it up so I stretch it back t' what it was an' that's it. Even my own Ma asked me who it was singin' so I reckon I disguised my voice purty good.


Anonymous said...

Good 'ta see ya back in the saddle again JimBobby, balbulican says the same thing to me when I sing.

Chimera said...

WHOO - EE! JimBobby's back! And with a brand new current affairs lesson-in-verse!

Key phrase: "But I'm won'drin' who it's accountable to." You an' me an' the whole coun-ta-ree, pard...

Thanks, Balb, for the head-up on SL...

ricky said...

I love it. I will be back in the east soon and would love to connect JimBobby! Will email