Saturday, June 18, 2005

1000 Chinese Spies Stealin' $12 Billion a Year

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I jest seen this CP story in the Yahoo News where ol' Harpoon sez we're being over-run by Chinese spies an' the Chinese is stealin' our industrial secrets an' it's costin' Canadee $1 billion a month.
"Today the former head of the CSIS Asia desk confirmed reports from defectors that close to 1000 Chinese government agent spies have infiltrated Canada," Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said.
Dang! $12 billion a year'd go a long ways in fixin' healthcare fer a generation an' gettin' shorter waitin' times fer MRI's an' new hip joints. An' I tell you what, them Chinese is usin' what ever them spies give'm so's they can sell more stuff t' WalMarket an' then the pore dumbass Canajuns can go t' WalMarket an' buy sum Chinese stuff that got made with industrial-strength espionage.

Stevie tossed his harpoon at the Chinese spies fer bullyin' Chinese-Canajun Fallin' Gongers, too. I reckon if all this is true stuff, we gotta big Chinese spy troublem an' we oughta be pushin' ol' Dithers t' do sumpin'. I'm glad t' see Harpoon finally holdin' the Grits feet t' the fire fer sumpin' important instead o' the usual name-callin' back an' forth an' polytickin' an' slowin' down parliment with social backwardism like fightin' against SSM.

Now, I reckon the Big-C's could make sum polytickal hay outta this Chinese spy thing if they'd get past blamin' the Grits an' start talkin' 'bout workin' together in the House t' try an' stop this $1 billion a month from leavin' Canadee an' goin' t' Commonist Red China.

Them Commonist Red Chinese is 'bout the worst there is when it comes t' repressin' an' oppressin' an' death-penalty killin'. Everybuddy's always pussy-footin' around the dang Chinese on accounta they got such a big population o' potential customers. Shee-it! If they're jest stealin' our industrial secrets an' usin' that against us, why should we pussy-foot? They ain't gonna be customers fer us. They're gearin' up so's they don't hafta buy from us an' they're doin' it by spyin'. Leastwise, that's what Harpoon sez.

Yores trooly,

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