Friday, April 22, 2005

Serenadin' Chaz an' Millie

BetterDeadWhooee! Faithful readers'll know that I ain't got much use fer blue-blooded royal pains in the ass. I ain't the onliest one, neither. I jest come across these here limey punk rockers called Class War an' they got themselves a bran' new song 'bout ol' Prince JugEars an' his horseyfaced queen, Millie Parker-BowlinPin.

You can get the mp3 version fer free but if yer like me, you'll wanna read along with it elsewise you won't be able t' catch every word they're sayin'. I gotta warn everybuddy, though. Sum o' the words they sing ain't the sorta words you'd wanna say in front o' yer ol' Mum or yer little kiddies.

Here's one o' the verses:

Lady Di has gone to heaven
Thank f*cking Christ for that
But now we've got another one
Another Royal Twat
Prince Charles is really useless
A gormless f*cking geek
A Windsor family thickhead
On a million pounds a week

Yeow! Them punks is 'bout as anti-blueblood as me.

Yores trooly,

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