Sunday, April 03, 2005

Outrage o' the Week

Outrageous weather fer April 3Whooee! Well I know everbuddy sez don't bitch about the weather cause there ain't a ding-dong thing you can do about it. That ain't stoppin' me from makin' a futile, plaintiff cry from behind my snow shovel.

This here pitcher is Ma an' ol' Spot down at the edge o' the soybean field this mornin'. Yeow! Jest this past Thursday afternoon I was in that selfsame spot standin' there marvellin' at how spring had sprung an' the mud was dryin' up. The wind was blowin' an' the sun was shinin' bright an' I reckon it musta been 60 or so on the ol' Fair an' Height Scale. I seen sum buds comin' out on sum trees an' there's all sorts o' robins jumpin' around eatin' bugs an' worms.

It was so nice an' springy out that I got up offa my lazy ass an' did sum rakin' out in the front by the road. Then Ma went down t' Joyce's an' bought me a bag o' grass seed an' I spread it all around. 'Bout 36 hours later, the damn snow started in. Now, Ma sez it's my fault it snowed on accounta I planted that grass seed an' not only that but I also put the screen window in the front storm door.

It's been snowin' heavy fer two days now. This mornin' we hadta set the clocks ahead fer the summer daylight savin's time an' it's still winter out there. I'm ready fer spring.

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...

It looks like you live relatively close to me... still snowing here in Orangeville.

Jon Dursi said...

I hate to take sides, but I think Ma's clearly right on this one, JB.

ricky said...

Kelowna in March and this picture 17 days ago of a Dad and his son playing chess at the beach.

Only one difference to both photos, the next set of flowers are blooming and the grass at the beach is greener.

Likely Ma has it right too. Grass back east this time of year is a bit early, that is unless you are talking about BC Bud.

Enjoyed your outrage

ricky said...

Sorry Dad and son pic