Friday, April 08, 2005

Poor Attendance Record

Whooee! Ol' JimBobby's been missin' in action in the boogeysphere fer a few days. One day I had sum computer troublems an' the other days I was busy takin' a course from the St. John Ambulance all 'bout first aid an' chest poundin' revival (CPR). So if yer thinkiin' o' collapsin' or gettin' a piece o' metal inta yer eyeball or fallin' an' busting yer arm, I'm yer man.

I ain't had much time fer boogin' lately but I have seen me sum news. I seen ol' Justus Gumper lifted up his dumbass ban on publicatin' what that crybaby criminal Johnny Brault told everybuddy. Yeow! It's sure lookin' bad fer ol' Pryminister Polly Wolly Fartin Martin an' his Liberal crew. It looks even worse fer ol' Johnny Cretin. The onliest thing 'bout that is ol' ChretienFeller ain't runnin' fer pryminister or any other public orifice.

I reckon they'll stop short o' sendin' a former pryminister o' Canadee t' the jailhouse. I won't be too surprised if sum high-up Chretienites ain't got enuff legal kryptonite t' keep 'em outta the hoosecow. When that sorta thing starts t' happen, that's when ol' Stevie needs t' toss the Harpoon an' bring down the gummint with a we-ain't-confident vote in the parliment.

Yessiree, I'd say ol' Harpoontosser's got the cards all stacked in his favour an' from here on out, it's up t' the Big C fellers an' gals t' jest let the GrittyFellers blow themslves t' Kingdom Come with all these here explosive revelations that's comin' out at the Justus Gumper Show.

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's the Liberals that need the chest poundin' revival ;-)

By the way, how's it been goin' with poundin' the squirrels?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Them damn squirrels! I cut a big ol' hole inta the baseboard near where he was scrabblin' an' set up the live trap with a big ol' gob o' Skippy chunky style. As soon as I cut the hole, the little bastard lit out an' never made a sound. After about 10 days an' no squirrel, I covered up the hole an' took the trap out t' the garage.

A day later, the chewin' rascal was back at it. I cut a new hole in a different part o' the baseboard an' I set up the trap again. That's where it sits fer the past two days an' I ain't heard any scratrchin' since resettin' the trap. My ol' Mum sez she heard an ol' sayin' that you can't outsmart a squirrel or a raccoon. I reckon that's provin' t' be true.

I figger cuttin' a hole an' invitin' 'em in is what scared 'em off. I can't catch 'em but it looks like I found a way t' repel 'em.


Jessy said...

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