Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Doctors an' Medicine

Whooee! I been wandrin' the Canajun boogeysphere a lot lately an' I come across sum fellers who posted up lists o' links t' other boogs an' I been follerin' sum o' those links an' they got me thinkin' bout a few things regardin' the doctors an' also drug-pushin' medicine men.

Over t' Trudeaupia, ol' Kevin Jaeger's got a post 'bout the Q-beck gummint tryin' t' push doctor fellers an' gals outta the bigass cities an inta the countryside an' little towns where they ain't got enuff of'm practisin' to be medicine men. The comments is all 'bout what dumbasses the gummint is t' try forcing doctors t' go where they's needed. Now KevinFeller's fightin' the good fight against commonism an' he an' most o' the commentin' fellers figger the Q-beck gummint's actin' like ol' Troodough or Castro or Lenin or sum other commie when they dock the pay fer doctors who stay in Montreal instead o' goin' sumwhere there ain't enuff doctors like the Gaspay.

I ain't buyin' that an' I chimed inta Trudeaupia's comments an' sed so. Dockin' the Montreal doctor fellers an' gals was probbly the wrong way to do it, mebbe, but payin' folks more than others t' do what's needed where it's needed ain't commonism in my book. It's free marketplace tradin' which is jest the opposite. I say they oughtn't have sed they's dockin' the big city doc's an' shoulda sed they's offerin' up extra rewards fer the doc's who go t' where they's needed. I happen t' be a country boy an' I ain't in Q-beck but I do know what it's like when there ain't enuff doctors in yer town. Money talks in the non-commie world an' I figger the Q-beck gummint was lettin' the money do the talkin'.

Ol' Kevin sez it backfired an' they got a buncha doc's leavin' Q-beck altogether. I say the answer t' that is simple. Pay 'em more money so's they'll do what you want like with anybuddy else you hire t' do a job of work. Payin' a few doctors to move t' the boonies is a whole lot easier than forcin' all the good an' decent Canajuns livin' in the boonies t' pick up an' move t' Trawna jest so's they ken get a doctor, sez I.

In other medical news... Ol' Dana (who I think is a gal but might be a feller) over t' CanajunComment is tellin' how folks is livin' longer an' longer all the time. That bein' the case, Dana's wondrin' how come the TV news is always blatherin' on 'bout all these health troublems we gotta fret over. The answer is the same answer as I give ol' Kevin Troodoughpia. Money talks.

I left me a comment at Dana's boog an' jest t' save sum typewritin' time I'm copyin' sum o' that here.

The reason fer all them stories 'bout diseases an' ailments onta the TV news is on accounta who's buyin' the advertisin'. Every 5 minutes they gotta commercial an' they's all fer sum sorta medicine from sum bigass outfit like Pfizer or Glaxo. Keepin' people on edge worryin' 'bout their broken down bodies is what these TV news sponsors is lookin' fer an' it's jest what ol' Peter Jennings is dishin' up.

I got me a satellite dish an' I watch sum news from the BBC. It ain't the onliest news I watch but it's one of'm. The BBC ain't got any commercials an' they don't hardly ever got any dumbass stories 'bout the latest new research that's gonna save all our lives as long as the research money keeps comin' inta the bigass drug pushers.

The one who's payin' the piper's the one who's callin' the tune. It's jest as simple as that. It ain't rocket science. It's bizness in the free marketplace.

Yores trooly,


Bloogers Byline said...

the thing that scares me about them sawbones is they call what they do practice when the hell are they gonna start doin the real thing? i asked ol Doc Stabber about that practice thingy and he tolt me he dont need it no more since he can do vasectomys with his eyes closed which reminds i got an appointment next week. hooohaaaa

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Good luck with the snip job, Bloogfeller. I know sum other fellers is capons, too, an' they say it din't bother 'em a bit after the swellin' an' black an' blue testicles is all healed up.

Thanks fer stoppin' by.

Yores trooly,

Princess Monkey said...

There is nothing "communist" about providing incentives for professional to go to underserviced areas, although it is a little sad that such measures are needed. Maybe docs should examine their motivations before they sign up for med school. In my humble opinion, serving where you are needed most should be rated a little higher on the doc's agendas.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer addin' yer two pennieworth, PrincessGal. I reckon yer the first royalty t' drop by an comment on my little boog.

It'd be nice if every doctor was in it fer doin' good instead o' fer makin' money but I spose you could say that 'bout every job. I reckon my own ol' doc is a good feller an' he don't drive a bigass car or live in a bigass house. If I was t' try an' get a new doc here in the boonies, though, I'd be shit outta luck.

Sum fellers is against commonism so bad that every time they see sumpin' they don't like they figger it must be the work o' the commie reds.

Yores trooly,

Yoda said...

You're right there JimBobby, there aren't many people out there working cause they just love to work. And the few that are have already made enoguh money to work at a pace that suits them. You have to have some sympathy for these Docs, it ain't easy no matter what job you're doing to just go and pick up from where you're living and go to some small community where you know no one.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thanks fer chimin' in Yoda. I got one o' yer kin's pitchers up in today's boog.

If sum o' these new grad doc's would take a looksee at sum small towns they might be surprised. Fer one thing, they ken buy a house fer diddly compared t' Trawna or Vancouver. Fer another thing, folks in small towns is itchin' fer new doc's. They make these new doc's feel mighty welcome an' I know that from real experience. In a little town, the doctors has got plenty o' prestige an' respect, too. They're big fish in little ponds. In Trawna, they're jest another young doc.

I hear what yer sayin', though, 'bout pickin' up an' movin'. With all the time these doc's spend schoolin' at places like the University o' Trawna, they's settled in purty good an' pickin' up stakes ain't easy, as you say. That's why we gotta make'm see the good things 'bout small towns an' probbly give'm sum extra dough fer comin' out t' the boonies.

Yores trooly,

Princess Monkey said...

Here's to small towns! I have a lot of respect for docs, and I think that family docs are probably underpaid for the vital service they provide. I just feel that although incentives are a good idea, and should be part of the deal...when you enter a profession that prides itself on serving the public good, you should earn the prestige by devoting some time to those most vulnerable. It's not like these guys and girls are flipping burgers (although that's hard work too) they signed on to be trusted with a person's most important asset - their health. If they aren't careful, these poor souls could find themselves replaced altogether by nurse practitioners...

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