Saturday, March 03, 2007

What's MacKay Waiting for? The Decider?

Whooee! Well decent humans, ol' JimBobby's gettin' pissed off. I wrote t' Pete MacKay last week an' I told him t' act in the name o' human decency an' get this here 9 year old Canajun boy outta the Merkan jailhouse. I ain't heard diddly-squat back from the numbnuts but I seen in the mornin's paper he sez he ain't decided what t' do just yet.
WASHINGTON (CP) - Canada hasn't decided yet what to do about a Canadian boy and his Iranian parents who are being held at Texas detention centre for illegal immigrants, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said Friday.

What's he waitin' for? Maybe he can't decide until the Decider tells him what his decision is.

It ain't a tough decision like what should you eat fer lunch. It's an easy decision. Nine year olds don't belong in jail. Canajun kids don't belong in Merkan jails. If you got any human decency, that ain't rocket science.

Annamarie over t' Verbena-19's keepin' MacKay's feet t' the fire an' now the main street media's lookin' inta the situation an' MacKay better get off his ass an' work fer the welfare o' Kevin, the 9 year old Canajun citizen who's in the Texas jailhouse.

Here's a song I done last Sunday on the whole sorry mess -

Nine Year Old Blues

Chewin' nails an' fartin' tacks,


Godammitkitty said...

Wowee, Jim Bobby! I've updated my last bloog post to link to your update (& song!).

Chimera said...

Granted that the boy does not belong in jail, but what are ya gonna do with his parents? Would you break up the family, just so a born-in-Canada child can come live here? They've already been deported from Canada once. They should not be allowed back in.

This is not a real easy problem to solve. But the first thing to do would be to get the American authorities to send them all back whence they came and have them start all over again. Legally, this time.

Anonymous said...

Chimera, aren't they from Iran? You can't send someone back to Iran just as if nothing happened, you do know that right? Why not just kill them here.

JimBobby said...

The father has said he was tortured in Iran and says he is certain he will be tortured agian if he is sent back there. In post-Arar Canada, we need to be more sensitive to such things than we were when the family was deportred.

Conditions in the Texas jail are deplorable. The family is being held without charges having been laid and with no opportunity to defend themselves in court. If the parents were to be charged, convicted and impisoned, the child would not go with them and the family would be broken up. This is true for any family with criminal parents.


Chimera said...

The father said he was tortured. He also told Immigration, last time he tried to stay in Canada, that he would be killed if he was sent back. He got sent back, and he's still alive. Maybe Immigration has a problem with his credibility?

And Arar said he was tortured. That justified his lawsuit and expectation of how many millions of dollars from the taxpayers of this country?

Look, guys...I'm not saying anything here except perhaps we should find out all the facts before we open up the borders for anybody and his kin who claim duress in their home countries. Texas jails ain't no picnic, but maybe it's the safest place this kid can be until all the facts are in. As things stand now, he can't be brought to Canada without his parents, and his parents are not allowed in Canada. The only other option would seem to be sending him back to Iran.

Annamarie said...

Chimera, do not be such a skeptic about people being tortured. You sound like you don't believe it. Well, I do.

Here's an excerpt from my latest post about this little Canadian boy and his Iranian parents' situation:

Andrew Brouwer [the Canadian lawyer handling this case] is with the Toronto law firm Barbara Jackman and Associates. He said the temporary residency permit would allow the parents to stay in Canada while efforts were made to counter the rule that bars deported persons from re-entering Canada.

Please read my post and the today's Toronto Star article for more details, as I don't have time for a longer conversation with you right now.

Thanks, JimBobby! Much appreciated! Take care and best regards -- and to you too, GDK!

Chimera said...

Annamarie, I neither believe not disbelieve. I'm still waiting for a whole lot more information before I jump to a conclusion.

And you don't seem to understand that if our government breaks its own laws and allows the once-deported parents back into the country, just because they've got this emotion-laden argument called a child working on their behalf, they would be setting a precedent that will open the damn flood gates and everybody in the world would be battering down the door, wanting to get in...or get back in, as the case may be.

One of the reasons this country is in such a mess regarding immigration is that we have earned the image of being a sucker for a sob story. Can't get into the country legally? All ya gotta do is claim to have been tortured, and you can walk right past all the rules. And if you've got a kid in tow, so much the better. And if the kid can talk, and he can cry prettily for the cameras...hey...goldmine!

Personally, I find it extremely unsettling that people are willing to believe the first thing they hear without either proof or listening to a rebuttal from the other side of things. I had hoped for more brains than that. But I guess Barnum had it right from the beginning.