Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Budget Ain't So Great

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I been readin' up on this here budget an' I was over t' StageLeft again an' I left a bigass comment that I'm gonna copy here fer my own boog. I'm a lazyass, fer sure.

I reckon the First Nations came in first, again. First forgotten. Like Balbulican sez, they been settin' on report after report an' study after study an' commission after commission givin' 'em a clear direction but they didn't do nuthin'. It makes me wonder if they ain't just itchin' fer more Caledonia, Ipperwash, Oka things t' spring up outta the frustration.

The Cons got their traditional allies — the rotten separatist BlocHeads — votin’ with ‘em so the budget ain’t gonna trigger an election, by the looks of it. Don't it seem funny t' anybuddy -- 'specially Albertans -- that the BQ is always backin' Harpoon an' he's givin' Q-beck money like there ain't no tomorrow?

Newfy an’ Sasky figger they got shortchanged along with the Natives. Tiny populations, few votes. I seen DannyBoy on Duffy yesterday. He was mighty pissed off at Flaherty an’ at Harpoon fer breakin’ a written promise on the non-renewable resources.

The green stuff in the budget ain’t knockin’ anybuddy’s sox off, neither. Some of it’s just re-announcin’ stuff they announced over the past few weeks an’ that was mostly just restartin’ Liberal green stuff under new names.

The car tax thing is gettin’ a lotta gush from the MSM. It has some loopholes an’ it needs tweakin’.

The phase-out of tax breaks to the tar sands is slow an’ drawn out. It don’t reflect the reality that these here tar sands are plenty profittable without any help from the taxpayers. This was a Liberal-started thing that they coulda scrapped right away when they took office like they scrapped all sortsa other Liberal things. If they cared about the environment as much as the care about the bottom line of these developers, they'd o' scrapped it already an' not with a multi-year phase out.

Not a mention of the word “Kyoto” but Canada is a signatory to that international treaty and we should be making provisions that are seen in budget items. The House o’ Comments just gave Harpoon 60 days to come up with a Kyoto plan. Why ain’t there anything about that in the budget?

I betcha most Canajuns’ll be happy as Larry t’ just coast along with another feel-good liberal budget — only this time it was the Cons who drafted it. Soothin'. Very soothin'.


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