Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fire Down Below

Whooee! Well friends, Ma an' me almost never get inta any arguments so I ain't any kinda expert on what a feller oughta do if he's tired o' scrappin'. What I reckon you don't wanna do is go t' sleep in the middle of a squabble -- 'specially, if yer squabblin' with a crazy drunk gal.

MONTREAL (CP) - A Montreal woman who used fondue fuel to set her late
boyfriend's penis on fire has been sentenced to four years in prison.

The Crown says taking into account time already served, Andree Rene will have to remain incarcerated for another 30 months. Crown attorney Steve Lariviere said today the 44-year-old woman also needs follow-up help for her psychological and alcohol problems. In April 2001, Rene's boyfriend went to bed following a heated argument between them.

As Guillaume Pungo snoozed, Rene doused the man's private parts with fuel and set them aflame.

The 52-year-old spent a month in hospital after suffering third-degree burns in the pelvic area and on his chest.

Lariviere also says Pungo, who died last year of unrelated causes, had difficulty getting into relationships after what happened.

Yeow! Double-Yeow!! Difficulty gettin' inta relationships, eh? Yeah... I imagine gettin' yer dick burned off might make things a little difficult.



Anonymous said...

Remember, it ain't how big ya are, it's if you gots one.

Anonymous said...

Wowsers...Talk about well done Tube steak????

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