Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Canadian Blogosphere Victory - 9 Year Old to be Freed

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, yesterday we got some good news. Kevin Yourdkhani is the 9 year old Canajun boy who's been locked up in a badass jailhouse down in Texas fer the past month, or so. There's been a few Canajun boogers who been agitatin' fer Kevin in their boogs. Annamarie's been on it like a dog on a bone (I mean that in a good sense, AnnieGal - not a Peter MacKay sense.) an' AprilReign, Hope an' Onions, Kuri, Skdaddler, liberal catnip an' some others, too.

The boogers was all tellin' boog-readers t' write letters first t' Petey MacKay an' later t' Diane Finley. Lotsa letters was written. I wrote t' both MacKay an' Finley an' I know a lot of other boogers an' boog readers followed the boogin' advice an' wrote, too. I kept my letters short an' I appealed t' their sense o' human decency. So far, I ain't heard back from neither one of 'em but that ain't so important as knowin' that they finally did what we been tellin' 'em t' do in all our letters.

Anyways, gettin' back t' the good news part... Diane Finley's lettin' Kevin an' his Ma an' Pa inta Canada on a temporary basis. This is all we been askin' fer -- get the pore little feller outta them inhumane conditions. I'm happy t' see Diane doin' the right thing but I ain't gonna write her another letter an' tell her until she answers the first one I sent her.

So far, I ain't seen nothin' in the MSM (main street media) that gives any credit t' Canajun boogers fer keepin' this story alive but deep down, I reckon if the boogers hadn't kept boogin' about Kevin, the MSM wouldn't o' started askin' the selfsame questions we been askin' fer weeks now. This is a bigass victory fer the Canajun boogeysphere an' I figger all boogers can feel better knowin' we got a little influence an' if we keep shoutin' long enough, somebuddy'll start listenin'.


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