Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pergressive Boogers

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, ol' JimBobby went an' signed up with the Pergressive Boogers. If you look over there on the righthand side down at the bottom you'll see a little Pergressive Boogers button. If you click on it, you'll get t' see sum other pergressive fellers' an' gals' boogs.

Now, I reckon mebbe sum o' my more conservative readers might take exception t' seein' a hick like me callin' hisself pergressive. Mebbe sum liberals might think the selfsame thing.

Here's how I figger it works.

You gotcher pergressives, yer regressives an' yer status quo's.

Status quo's like everything jest like it is. They're nice folks but they don't wanna hear 'bout any changes like endin' poverty an' war. They reckon we're doin' jest fine.

Regressives is hopin' things can get back t' the good ol' days when men was men an' there weren't any selfsame sexy marryin'; an' when Canadee was ruled by ol' Queen Vickie; an' when divorce was illegal an' wife-beatin' was legal. I reckon there's a few things that was better in the good ol' days but mostly I reckon them regressives who have a hankerin' fer things t' go backwards ain't thinkin' 'bout lots o' things that's better now. I can't throw my lot in with the regressives.

That leaves the pergressives. Well when yer a pergressive, yer lookin' fer change but the change yer lookin' fer is movin' ahead instead o' movin' backwards. I'm fer makin' things better an' movin' ahead. I figger that's what makes me a pergressive an' that there's why I joined up with the Pergressive Boogers.

Since I joined up, I seen a few new folks droppin' by an' I wanna offer up a heapin' helpin' o' hospitality. Come on over an' chew the fat any time.

Yores trooly,


ricky said...

Hey JimBobby

Knew you were on the way up! Have been enjoying your blog for some time now, looking forward to reading your colourful and interesting writing, including the tunes!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee, RickFeller, fer the compliments. I been tryin' t' think of a new song but I ain't been properly inspired jest lately. I reckon that's partly on accounta the remembers o' parliment is off on their summer holidays flippin' burgers an' kissin' babies at all o' them there BarbieQueues.

You probbly gotta full social season this summer with queer weddin's, eh, Rick? Have fun, sez I. When they passed that SSM bill, it made me proud t' be a Canajun, no two ways.


Mark Richard Francis said...

Knew you'd sign up eventually.

Welcome onboard.

ricky said...

Have a few queer and not queer weddings this summer! Hope to be at one in Klein land in August! That ought to fun!