Friday, July 15, 2005

Axe-grindin' in the Mainstreet Media

Whooee! I jest seen a boog story posted up by ol' Elvis over t' BoogsCanadee where he's yammerin' 'bout Macleans an' Polly Wolly Inkwells an' how the Macleans is all conservative accordin' t' a pergressive booger, Amazin' WonderPup. Well friends an' foes, I reckon ol' Inky Wells is anti-Fartin' Martin but he sez sum anti-Harpoon stuff, too. I don't reckon too many folks is lookin' fer middle-o'-the-road objectivity from the mainstreet media (MSM).

The Trawna (centre o' the universe) Star's Liberal. The Post's Conservative. The Globe used t' be Conservative but lately they been hedgin' their bets. CanWest GlowBall is like the National Poster Boys an' all o' them there Sun papers -- Conservative. Everybuddy sez the CBC is Liberal but I ain't exactly buyin' that on accounta the bigass job they done on reportin' all 'bout the AdScammers.

The part in ol' Elvis's boog story that's got ol' JimBobby chewin' nails an' fartin' tacks is where he tells 'bout all o' these here Canajun magazines gettin' bigass handouts from the gummint. The gummint's money is really all of our money. The gumment gets its money from Canajuns an' spends it like Canajuns want 'em to. Leastwise, that's how it's spose t' work.

Here's a big list of magazines that get handouts from the gummint.

Yeow! Chatelaine gets tons o' taxpayer luckybucks an so do a whole buncha other Canajun magazines. How come we're payin' good tax money t' outfits like all them there Jesus freak magazines? I din't figger the gummint was in the bizness o' givin' money t' churches an' 'vangelizers. Guess I was all wet.

Yores trooly,


ricky said...

That is one heck of a list. How many ads do you suppose that bought for Canada Day?

Useful Idiots said...

371 thousand to The Anglican Journal ,266 thousand to The Catholic Register,155 thousand to The United Church observer,97 thousand to The Presbyterian Record, 38 thousand to The Pentecosral Testimony. You are right .Way to much money going to the Jesus freaks.And the non Jesus freaks.355 thousand to The Canadian Jewish News. Execellent axe grinding ol Redneck.

Psychols said...


The Anglican Journal, the Catholic Register and The United Church Observer. "Jesus freak" magazines?

Surely you are joking - aren't you?

CQ said...

_FYI, I've posted a chart summary including the Top & Bottom 10 over at ClassicQuarters.

Anonymous said...


Off Topic, but I must ask, do you really talk like that? I mean with your voice? And if so, can you do parties?


Anonymous said...

Okay, I retraqct my previous statement. I've read the "about my way o' writin'" segment and I must agree your blogging is quite interesting.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! MartinBeeFeller, thankee fer the vote o' confidence. I ain't been asked t' perform at any parties. yet. I'm hopin' mebbe the Marijuana Party'll ask.

Cycles2k, yer right 'bout the Jesus Freak label bein' a jokey joke. I ain't seen any real Jesus freaks since 'bout 1976. Sumtimes, ol' JimBobby don't make it easy t' tell a jokey joke from a serious comment on the state o' Canajun society. The Uniteds an' Anglicans ain't Jesus freaks. Now, as fer the Romans an' the Mennonite Brethren...


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